Monday, January 14, 2013

A Stroll Down At Our Apartment Garden

After a bout of the cough and flu, both Shern & Khye are now well and healthy again. (although Shern lost the precious 1kg which took him a year to gain, sigh)

So yesterday afternoon, hubby & I took them just down our apartment garden. By the way, our apartment has a really beautiful garden.

Hubby carried Khye and sat there watching me and Shern walked all around.
11 January 2013

Someone else left a ball there so Shern asked to play with it for awhile. With just a ball in hand, Shern was so happy.

 It was quite dangerous playing a ball near the pool, so I asked Shern to play it in the garden area.

Shern was quite cooperative that day and even posed a few poses for me.
These are a few poses he did when I said 'Cheese'. Some of them I just snapped while he was having fun with the ball.

His ball fell onto a bush and he was quite tickled by it. This reminds me how simple little boys can be. Little things make them so happy. 

Like these 2 photos below of Shern taken at a different angle.
One if of Shern squatting down, and the other him looking up the sky above.

There was a small hill of greens just behind the mini waterfall and Shern climbed up there. Boys are boys, they love a little adventure.
On top of the hill, he at first sat down...

Then getting a little braver, he stood up.
And then he even raised his hands up high.

Saw a tree with broad roots everywhere and I told Shern to stand there for me to snap a photo.
Love how he hugged the ball close to him while he posed. I didn't ask him to do that. Kids are such a natural when it comes to posing.

Then we walked and walked...

And walked and walked.
So where was hubby & Khye while Shern & I toured the garden?
They were sitting comfortably in the little rotunda near the Koi Pond.
Then hubby & Khye came to join us for awhile. 
This is one of the photos which I took to blog about My 3 Boyfriends. :)
Still loving these photos.

Then we walked to the rotunda and Shern said he is a little bit itchy here and there.
That day the weather was very hot and humid. And after just half an hour walking down at the garden, we were all feeling sweaty and itchy.

So we decided to walk back to the swimming pool area to have a little swim. Shern & I got a dip, while hubby stayed dry with Khye.

The water was cool and a little bit cold (usually around this time of the year, the pool barely got any sunlight, and thus cooler water), but since the weather was so hot and humid, it was really nice.
It had been a while since Shern went down to the pool, so he was very happy, especially when he saw his friends there.

This is Shern doing another 'stunt' in the pool! Ahh...boys indeed!

Hubby and Khye were seating at the bench near the pool, and after awhile, Khye fell asleep. Haha.

It was a very nice evening we had strolling down at our apartment garden, which we ended up in the swimming pool! :)

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