Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yiu-Shern - 39 Months

This is my big boy at 3 years & 3 mths old, cheeky as ever.

22 September 2012 - 3 years & 3 mths old


He has not been growing any heavier much these days. We stand on our home weighing scale every night before sleep, and he is about 14kg.
But he has grown so much taller. We have this free height measurement sticker that we stick on our wall and I measure Shern's height from time to time. The last i measured him, he was about 97cm tall! He is shooting up well so far.


Shern has been loving school, though he never really talk to me about what he does in school. Everytime I ask him 'What did you do in school today?', his answer would be 'play toys'. Haha. But anyway, my aim was to let him learn through play, so is ok. After all, Shern is only 3yo. I plan to let him have all the childhood he can have!

Since I'm in confinement now, hubby has been preparing Shern for school every day. I'm so proud of both of them. Proud of hubby because he could handle him, and proud of Shern coz he behaves very well.


Shern has been eating quite well. His new favourite is fried rice. I can put in french beans n carrots (chopped into small pieces) and yet he still eats them. Then Shern would declare to everyone proudly that he iseating his vege! Haha
And of course he still loves his eggs or any black sauce (tau ewe bak sauce). And one hawker food he likes is beehoon koay chiap. This hawker food is not easily found in Penang. But whenever we frequent the stall in Kuching Lane, Shern loves it. It's about the only hawker food he really fancies.\\

Big Brother

Shern is promoted to Bog Brother title after Khye is born. Shern has not yet really grasp the significance of having a baby at home yet, because for now during confinement period, Shern is in my mum's house.
But whenever he sees baby Khye, he would pat him to sleep, and also asks that he carries baby. There was even several times he sang to Khye, and I am amused to see that he uses a soft, whisper-y voice when he sings to Khye!

This is what Shern did when I told him to smile to the camera. Then I asked him to smile again with his eyes open. It seems that whenever he smiles big, he needs to close his eyes! Hehe.

22 September 2012

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