Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Waiting Game Really Begins

OK, I am still here, and 'Lil Bub is still inside my tummy. It's Week 38 this week.
So I guess Dr. Eric's prophecy is off.

Anyway, I went back to see him on Monday and he said I'm still about 3cm dilated, and he was surprised that I hold the baby inside me so well.The ultrasound shows that my water level is still good and 'Lil Bub's head is already engaged. However, baby's face is still facing the side, and not facing down yet. My cervix is also very soft and thus is a sign of labour soon.

I'm feeling very puffed up this week. I feel like my belly is going to burst any moment. And I'm carrying the baby so low that it hurts down below. But in order to achieve VBAC, I need to walk more, so I'm still doing lotsa walking, although in the mall. And I still bathe Shern and do lots of squatting. 

Well, will see if 'Lil Bub decides to pop out this week. If not, my next appointment with the doctor is next Monday. :)

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.


Ida said...

It's quite common for preggie to have dilation far before labour if you already have your 1st child before.
I remember with my 2nd one I was 3-4cm dilated as well 2 weeks before the bub really pop & my midwives told me it happens to most of the 2nd time mom...enjoy your rest for now :)

tanshuyin said...

Thanks Ida for your advice.

Anyway, I hope Lil Bub decides to come out soon, because my tummy is getting really really big ;0)