Thursday, April 5, 2012

Little Bub is a BOY!

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Yes, there will be another boy in our little family.
We found out 2 days ago (week 16) when little bub decided to spread his thighs wide during the ultrasound checkup. I kinda expected it so I wasn't too surprised (mother's instincts!).
My sis told me that I'm going to have 3 boys as my mum has already given birth to all the girls. Ahem.

Peter was happy and didn't mind because he reminded me we are going to have 5 babies anyway. *roll eyes*. I'm happy in the sense that I don't need to shop for girly stuff yet. Little bub is just going to wear all his bro's clothes. Haha.

During the ultrasound, I kept on asking the gynae if everything is normal. I didn't really care if little bub has a penis or a vagina. All I wanted to know is if his heart is beating loud and strong, or if little bub has 10 fingers and toes. My first trimester test came out good with low risk of any anomalies, so I am thankful.

Well, I am now preparing my mind and body to have 3 boisterous boys in my life! 'Til then. :D


WendyinKK said...

Me too, for my 3rd pregnancy, I was hoping for health more than for a boy. It will be good if all 3of mine are girls, can just pass them down! My boy is so lonely now, all his cousins nearby are girls!

My friends who are married to "all-boys in the family" type of hubbies, all have boys only, with girls a rare occasion.
My neighbour with 7 boys of her own, only have grandsons with no granddaughters at all from all 7 sons

tanshuyin said...

congrats on ur pregnancy too.

oh no...dont tell me im gonna have 7 boys! i think i will definitely go crazy then! ;)

Julia said...

my hubby has 3 girlfriends at home. now you gonna have 3 boyfriends. Congrats anyway!

tanshuyin said...

Julia...haha, now ive got 3 boyfriends, i hope my hubby is settled with just 1 girlfriend ;)

Jenny Chua said...

Congrats Shu Yin and Peter ... so happy for you .....

Shern got another baby bro

tanshuyin said...

Hie Jenny,

Thanks. When will it be urs n marcus' turn? btw, how was ur hkg trip? :)

Anonymous said...

hi there! has been following your blog for sometime: i currently tested positive (four times) on pregnancy urine test. if i am not mistaken, this will be the fifth week, i went to a normal gp who says that it isn't necessary to do a blood test to determine the pregnancy. instead ultrasound was done. at this stage, nothing can't be seen and he asks me to come back in two weeks (meaning week 6-7). well, this is my first pregnancy - and i am getting excited and probably impatient to wait for another 2 weeks. just wonder if this is normal, from your experience? thanks in advance!

tanshuyin said...

Hie Anonymous,

Thnx for visiting my blog. How may I address u btw?

Anyway, fr my experience, no bloodtest is necessary to confirm the pregnancy. N your doc is right, an ultrasound is usually done.

Im also quite fast in testing positive on both my pregnancies (around week 5 or so). N when I visit the gynae to confirm the pregnancy, ultrasound is being done. If it is too early, the gynae may perform a vagina probe. If not, then a normal ultrasound on the tummy is usually done.

During an early ultrasound, u may not b able to hear the baby's heartbeat yet. But u can see the shape of the amniotic sac already to confirm that there is really a pregnancy.

Im not the pro here but this is tru my experience. Hope u have a happy n safe pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reply. i went to a normal gp instead of a gynae. and he did a transabdominal ultrasound - no sac was seen yet, and asked me to come in 10 days time. i guess i have to be patient then.

you too have a happy and safe pregnancy.