Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back to Playschool

We started Shern on playschool again in April after stopping for a month or so. This is certainly great advice from the principal because now Shern is going to somewhere familiar, rather than a strange new place.

It was decided that we send him there and if he still cries the whole time there, we will go and fetch him back after half an hour (instead of the normal 2 1/2 hrs). This is so that he will know that mummy and daddy is coming back for him soon, since he has not grasp the sense of time yet. And the following day, we will do the same. Leave him and if he cries the whole time again, half an hour later we would be back. And gradually once he understand the whole idea that we are not going to abandon him, we could then slowly lengthen the time. This was the plan.

He was still a little skeptical when we left him there. He bawled and cried of course but once we left him there, he was OK. According to the teacher, he cried on and off but he was clingy and wanted to cling to a teacher. That is improvement for me. At least no more crying the whole time. So we only went to fetch him back 2 1/2 hours later.

The next day, the same crying of bucketful of tears. But this time, he allowed the teacher to carry him away. No phone calls from the playschool so we did not go earlier to fetch him. And no more clinging to a teacher. Another improvement.

On Wednesday, no more bawling but there were still tears streaming down his face. He went to the teacher's arms and said 'I wanna kiss mummy' and 'touch mummy's 'mak' (mole)'. Yes, my son has this fetish over the mole on my arm. :)
He starts joining the activities there and no more crying once we left. Improvement, huh?

Since then, it was like that. There were still protests of 'I don't want to go school' but then would allowed the teacher to carry him in after kissing me goodbye.

The funny thing is this. Every time after I fetch him home, he would say,
'I want to go school'.
Then I would tell him 'school is closed for the day, we go to school tomorrow ok?'
This would go on for a few times the whole afternoon. But come night time, he would then change and say,
'I don't want to go school'

But I can see that he is happy in school. The teachers tell me he is joining in all activies. And he comes home singing new songs and telling me new things he learns in school. So I gather this is just my son being very lemak. Yes, the teachers say he is very lemak too. :D


Unknown said...

He's growing up. There will be one day, when boys grow into a teenager, they don't want to be held of hugged in public... by then, we'll be wishing they didn't grow up. hehee

tanshuyin said...

haha. very true.
although my son is very manja and lemak, i like him this way. i like the fact that he expresses he loves me by hugging n kissing me and saying 'i love you too' :)