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Rhodes Memorial, Cape Town - 28 November 2011

I know I still have not finished all my previous travel posts. But please excuse me because I am so hyped up by my recent trip to Cape Town that I just want to post some of them here. So here goes...

Rhodes Memorial
on Devil's Peak in Cape Town, South Africa is a memorial to English-born South African politician Cecil John Rhodes(1853-1902).
The memorial is situated at Rhodes's favourite spot on the lower slopes of Devil's Peak.

Rhodes Memorial
Photo source: http://www.wedlock.co.za/

The view from Rhodes Memorial is beautiful.

Shern was in a whiny mood that day. Look at his whiny face when I scooped him up for a photo.

After giving him some Skittles, he was in a better mood.

He then agreed to take a photo with me besides the huge pillars.

Look how small we look standing next to the huge structure.

I really love the trees there. Its very much different from the trees in Malaysia. That's hubby posing with the trees and blue skies in the background. And the next photo is hubby with Shern.

I like this photo of Shern standing so gaya with one leg against the pillar.

And while Min was applying lip balm, Shern wanted some too. And that's him smiling, satisfied with the lip balm on his lips.

Look at the vivid blue skies. No photoshop ok. I just can't get over it. Why is the skies in other countries so much bluer than in Malaysia?
We seldom have cloudless days in Malaysia. But I guess that is why I got all sunburnt in South Africa!

Although windy, the sun was harsh that day. All of us were hiding in the shade behind the bronze statue 'Energy' by Frederic Watts.

A photo of Shern with the memorial behind him.

A shot of 3 of us walking down the steps of the memorial.

Walking down, we could see the view of the town so much clearly.
Beautiful flat trees. Reminded me of trees I see in Disney's 'The Lion King'.

Shern's mood was so much better that he even had a photo with Pho-pho and Kong-kong.

That's hubby.

That's me.

And that's hubby AND me. :)

A photo of all of us...minus Min, the photographer. =)

The view where we parked our car was great too. Beautiful trees.

See, I told you the trees were beautiful against the blue skies.

Info Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhodes_Memorial

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