Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Candy Floss For The First Time

We were at Gurney Plaza 2 months ago when I saw a booth giving out free candy floss. I was given a tiny blue candy floss. Even though I knew it is all sugar and is actually bad for kids, I couldn't help but to save it for Shern. I just knew he would love it.

I went to find Shern & hubby who were in Toys 'R' Us.
Gave him the stick and he looked at it curiously. I told Shern 'try it, it's sweet'. The moment he heard the word 'sweet', he opened his mouth big. Haha.

And of course he loved it. Well, which kid don't like candy floss? I loved it when I was a kid myself!

2 October 2011

Look at how big he opened his mouth.
I told him to be careful of the sharp stick.

Shern smiling so widely here.

Not sure if you can see it clearly in this blurry photo below, but after eating the candy floss, his teeth were stained blue due to the blue colouring of the Candy Floss. Haha.

I see not much harm done here. A small Candy Floss once in a while is OK. I believe kids must enjoy while they are kids.
And I know he would not have another Candy Floss for awhile, as you don't often come across shops selling them in Penang, and I'm certainly not going to buy it for him anytime soon.


WendyinKK said...

Kids are kids, right.
I don't believe in depriving my kids of kiddie treats. But practise moderation.
They do get their coke, candies and Mamee once a while. If not, where's the childhood. I don't think I eat such things now as an adult.

tanshuyin said...

yes u r right. but some ppl rolled their eyes at me when they know I give my toddler son candy floss! :-D

Unknown said...

wow! he's growing up so fast yes? love his expression...

tanshuyin said...

Jamie, thanks.
These photos were taken 2 mths ago actually. ;)