Friday, December 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We are back from Cape Town. It has been an exhilarating month, for me at least. It was no easy feat traveling with a 2 1/2yo. There were whines and crying, but there were also smiles and laughter.

Cape Town is a beautiful place, in fact the most beautiful place I've ever visited, topping on my list , and putting San Francisco to second position. It is full of nature, with breathtaking scenery. I couldn't pinpoint the place I love most in Cape Town, it is beautiful everywhere.

And my sister's wedding has been pretty amazing. It was beautiful. I cried 'til I had panda eyes with my mascara smearing down my face. Wait 'til I get hold of the wedding photos and I will post some here.

I'm not sure it would take me how long to blog about Cape Town, seeing that I am still not done with my USA and Pangkor Laut Resort posts. But let me end with some panaromic photos of beautiful Cape Town, taken using my mum's point-and-shoot Sony Digicam.

View from Rhodes Memorial

View from Table Mountain

View of a river in Berg River Camp

View of Boulder's Beach

View of False Bay

p/s - To read more about our trip to Cape Town, South Africa, pls click here.

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