Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Homemade Chocolate Fondue

I have always loved to eat Chocolate Fondue, especially the one from Haagen-Dazs'. But for RM70, it is always a luxury. And for our whole family, it is always not enough.

So I decided to make my own Chocolate Fondue. I googled around and was surprised to know that you don't actually need the special fondue pot to keep the chocolate sauce melted. And you don't even have to put a candle below the makeshift pot. This site tells me that the chocolate sauce will stay melted for 20 minutes.
And I'm sure my chocolate lover family do not need 20 minutes to finish the whole pot!

This recipe from HHH is very simple. Only needed chocolate pieces and milk. I decided to try out her recipe but I used full-cream milk instead of low-fat fresh milk.

I decided to make it as a desert after dinner. And because usually all of us are full after dinner, I decided to make it a chocolate fruit fondue.
I was very generous on the fruit portion. I wanted to make sure everyone has enough, not like every time we needed to scrimp on the portion in Haagen-Dazs.

9 August 2010

Look at the mountain pile of strawberries, kiwis, bananas, grapes, cherries and mango cubes. And guess what? It didn't even costs me RM70 and there are even leftovers!

Besides the chocolate sauce, I also prepared some almond nibs to dip together with the sauce.
I also tried making small scoops of ice-cream (to imitate the Haagen-Dazs' ice cream balls) but failed. It just could not stay frozen enough to be dipped.

Of all the fruits, I like dipping banana chunks best!
But never the less, everyone is really happy. Shu-Min literally licked the bowl of chocolate sauce!

This is definitely something I will make again. Maybe I would add some marshmallows, cake chunks and chocolate cookies/wafers the next time. Heard that they go well with the chocolate sauce.
I think I will make it for my parent's 30th Wedding Anniversary next week!

Recipe: Homemade Chocolate Fondue (copied directly from Happy Home Baking's blog)

(makes 125ml chocolate sauce, serves 2 ~3)

100g good-quality semi-sweet chocolate
65ml milk (1/4 cup) (I used full-cream milk)

- Break chocolates into small cubes/chunks.

- Place milk and chocolate in a clean and dry saucepan. Place on stove and heat at the Lowest heat possible. It will take less than a minute for the chocolate to start to melt. Once the chocolate starts to melt, stir the mixture till all the chocolates is melted. To prevent the chocolate from burning, remove the saucepan from heat as and when needed.

- Transfer chocolate sauce to a bowl. Serve with favourite fruits and marshmallows.


This Mama said...

mmm... slurp! does the choc sauce stay on the fruit with this recipe? I somehow have choc melted with cream instead of milk in mind.

tanshuyin said...

yes. most recipe calls for heavy cream instead of milk.
but i do not want to buy heavy cream just for this. and i have a carton of milk sitting in my fridge.

nope. it is not too drippy. just nice. and also the recipe i used only calls for 1/4 cup of milk, which is quite little. mebbe if u r afraid, then u can try using a little less milk? or u can try other recipes and use heavy cream instead.

srisang said...

Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life

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Corporate events said...

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Marlene Detierro said...
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Marlene Detierro said...

This is our family's annual Valentine's Day tradition! Simple, delicious and festive!

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Penelope Sanchez said...
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