Monday, August 9, 2010

Food We Ate in East Malaysia

I have so many photos from our East M'sia trip and I am having a hard time just to choose which to upload. Ok, I admit I am too lazy to blog about our trip. Let's just take one thing at a time, shall we? :)

First, let me just tell you what we ate in Kuching and Kota Kinabalu (KK).

We took Air Asia all the way and hubby could not stop raving about the Nasi Lemak served by Air Asia. He got a pre-booked meal and he absolutely loves the Nasi Lemak. It actually tasted really good. Much better than the Nasi Briyani I ordered.

l: Nasi Lemak
r: Nasi Briyani

l: Nasi Lemak
r: Nasi Briyani

Upon reaching Kuching, Peter & I tried to eat the local food there or at least things that we don't usually find back home.

We had this vege cooked with egg, something that I don't often see. Is quite nice. And when I saw Tomato Mee in the menu, we ordered it because we definitely don't see this in Penang.
However, I don't like the tomato mee because the noodle is fried noodles and I don't fancy fried noodles. It makes me have indigestion sometimes if I finish the whole plate. And I find the tomato sauce a weird combination. Not my cuppa.

l: Some vegetable with egg
r: Tomato Mee

One dish I like is one of the wild jungle vegetable called Milin (some calls it Midin). This wild jungle fern are plucked by the natives in the jungle and not planted mass by local farmers. Heard that it is only available in Borneo. We had it in one of the chu-char place. Served stir fry style and I loved it.

l: raw Milin
r: Milin stir-fry

Besides having the stir-fry Milin at the chu-char place, we also had Crispy Pork served with Salted Fish and also Mantis Shrimp with Dried Chillies and Onions. Both dishes were also tasty with plain white rice or porridge.

l: Crispy Pork served with Salted Fish
r: Mantis Shrimp with Dried Chillies and Onions.

And of course we did not leave Kuching without trying the Sarawak Laksa. Our host brought us to one of the more famous stall near the Public Mutual Kuching branch. I must say that I fell in love with the Sarawak Laksa. It is something like the Penang curry mee but is served with chicken and prawns and also lime juice.

My favourite dish in Kuching: Sarawak Laksa

And in that coffee shop, hubby & I shared this gigantic glass of 3-layered tea which was also delicious. It has a very creamy taste which I think is like drinking ice-cream tea. Hehe.

Gigantic glass of 3-layered tea

That was our last meal in Kuching. We then flew to KK.

KK is famous for their fresh seafood. Of course our hostess brought us to a seafood restaurant to try the fresh seafood there. No photos for those as the food was normal and taste-wise also normal for me. The price was pricey though. Tourists area so is normal I guess.

What fascinated me was the seafood at Central Night Market. Hubby & I walked by ourselves there and we indulged in the Malay-style panggang seafood being displayed on almost all the stalls there. It was real cheap. We had 3 sticks of big prawns, half of a medium-sized stingray and a stick of 5 small prawns plus rice costs us less than rm30. Amazing I tell you!

l: Seafood panggang
r: Lime and salt with chili padi for your food

Sabah is also famous for their chicken wings. We saw stalls after stalls selling chicken wings. We ordered one or two from each stall to see which tasted good. Settled for one of the stalls and we had a few wings each.

Chicken Wings stall

After that we walked along the promenade where the night life is. Saw a reasonably-priced Malaysian restaurant and sat down. Ate their satays and it was good. Succulent and juice meat. Loved the lamb satay and we came back for more the following night.


We also tried the local fruits there.
Had this fruit called Bambangan at Kundasang (on our way to Mt. Kinabalu Park). It is another species of mango but is in the size of a honey-dew. Taste wise is more like a mango with a hinge of chempedak. Didn't quite enjoy this exotic taste.

Bambangan fruit

On the other hand, I liked the Talap (some calls it Tarap) fruit. It looks like a durian but the thorns are soft. When opened, it looks like a chempedak. The texture is soft and is sweet. Very unique taste. Brought one small fruit back for RM1 and ate it all by myself. Hubby didn't like it.

Buah Talap

Ok, I think these are all the unique food we ate in East Malaysia.
And of course I did not mention the boring breakfast buffet food served in the hotels :P


Mindy said...

The wild jungle vegetable looks interesting.

As for the praying mantis, you really mean praying mantis? As in the geli looking green insect? Or you mean mantis shrimp? :P

tanshuyin said...

shit. mantis shrimp...hahaha
u r right.