Sunday, August 15, 2010

Audrey's 1st B'day

Min, hubby, Shern & I were invited by Yvonne to her precious daughter, Audrey's 1st B'day Party.

Yvonne is actually someone who stumbled upon my blog and became a frequent visitor to my blog. That was how I got to know her. That party was the first time I met her fact-to-face. Blogging is a great way to know more friends, huh?

13 Aug 2010

We were one of the earlier ones to reach, therefore we were also the first few who grabbed the food from the buffet spread. The simple fried noodle, fried rice, sweet and sour fillet, fried pohpiah were delicious. It was definitely once of the few tasty catering spread I've tasted. (I have to ask Yvonne what is the caterer's name).

However, I wish there were food for toddlers. I would prefer if there were sandwiches or other food fit enough for Shern.
But being Shern, he did not mind. He gobbled down the fried rice I fed him. Haha. Look at his 'tham chiak' face.

Cake was delicious as well. My face lighted up as much as Shern's when I saw the birthday cake. It is because I know it is a chocolate cake! Haha

I would not want to miss taking photo with Yvonne and the birthday girl.

Yvonne was so nice to us that she invited us up to her apartment. Shern was delighted when he saw all the toys. He was busy wheeling the walker and playing with the ball.

However, he was such a bully to poor Audrey. First of all, the walker did not belong to him and when Audrey tried to touch the walker, he refused to let her touch and actually tried pushing her away! *embarrassed mummy!*
And there were times when Shern 'ran away' from Audrey. Sigh.

At last, I plopped him on the Jumperoo and he seemed happy in there.

Well, Shern definitely had a good time there. And Audrey was such a sweet kid who is definitely a more nicer kid to be with than Shern. She at least shares her toys.

Well, we had fun too. Yvonne even gave me a 'first meeting present'. She gave me a Lindt's Dark Chocolate with Premium Chili flavour. Wow...exotic. I can't wait to try it.

Thanks Yvonne and Audrey for such a wonderful time.
And lastly, Happy 1st Birthday Audrey!

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