Monday, August 2, 2010

Away For 5 Nights

We were both fidgeting in our seats, couldn't wait for the plane to land in Penang. After just 5 nights away from Shern, we felt like 5 weeks.

Views taken from the plane window

I never thought I would miss Shern this much. Before the trip, I was counting the days to which I would get my uninterrupted beauty sleep and a chance to relax my hands muscles.
But to my surprise, I missed my baby so much. On our last day in East Malaysia, I missed Shern so much that I would not mind even if Shern was whining away - I just wanted to hear his voice and to hug him close.

Upon touching down Penang, my heart was thumping away fast (really!). I was waiting for the moment that I get to see Shern's face. Imagine that!

When we saw him waiting for us at the airport exit, hubby straightaway swept Shern off his feet. Shern was so delighted to see his daddy that he wouldn't even want me to carry him! (arrghhh!).

Shern in daddy's arms

It didn't last long though. In the end, he was sticking to me like glue! Hehe

And yes, in order to maintain my milk supply, I lugged with me my faithful Avent Manual Pump, cooler bag, ice box, Blu Ice, storage bottles and twenty over bottles of my breast milk. And not to forget that I drank a few ounces of them too when I ran out of storage bottles!

East Malaysia is beautiful. I guess my next few posts will be about Kuching & Kota Kinabalu.
Til then...


Kate said...

That's a lot of ground you guys covered in 5 days! Looking fwd to read your Borneo adventure. :)

tanshuyin said... was actually a business trip. we juz extended 2 days in KK.