Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Khye's Reading Journey @ 6yo

Khye @ 6yo @ 23 Jan 2019

Just wanna share how Khye started his reading journey.

Khye loves books since young. But then we would need to read to him which I sometimes couldn’t do it all the time (esp when I’m attending to Vern or doing housework etc).
So I was really happy and glad when he joined his brother Shern and started reading independently at about 5yo last year.

What we do always is to let him choose whatever books he likes to read.
As long as it is not a book using bad language etc we are fine with it.
So Khye started off with comic books.

He started off by reading Dog Man series and Hilo. He loves them as they are funny and silly (my boys love silly stuff!) and that was how he learned to read full books independently.
He read all the books in this Dog Man series.

He also loves Usborn’s Lift the Flap books of Questions and Answers about How Things Work and Why and such.
This series i super like and super encourage coz he gets to broaden his general knowledge.

Then he moved on to read the Captain Underpants series.....all about a superhero who wears only an underpants (I told you my 5yo likes silly stories haha). These books are semi-comic books with some pages of comics and some words.
He finished reading all the books in this series.

Then about 1/2 year ago at 5.5yo he started reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. He started to resonate with Greg on his struggles to fit into middle school. I’m not sure if he gets all the jokes but well....he laughed when he reads it so i guess so. 😏
And yes, he finished the whole Wimpy Kid series too.

Then at 6yo he started Geronimo Stilton books. Those paper backs thin ones.
There are hundreds of titles in the various series that he is still devouring them one by one even until today.

Recently, he started reading the hard cover Geronimo Stilton’s Kingdom of Fantasy series. These has more words and is about 300+ pages per book.
It takes him only 2-3 days to finish one book (after school until dinner time 😅)

He also reads random books on topics he book about Space or about Minecraft 😌

Or these Time for Kids X Why Z series which we got from Big Bad Wolf. He loves them. Not too many words and easy to read.

Shern on the other hand finished reading all of these books and is reading other books as well. He reads even more than Khye.

I’m really glad my kids love reading.
It really helps when they get to choose what they want to read.
What we can do is to buy/borrow books for them so the books are easily accessible to them.

What we do at home is no screentime on weekdays/school days.
They can do whatever they like after on schooldays after finishing their homework, as long as no screentime (which means no tv, computer or phone).

They can play with their toys or boardgames or draw/paint or even just laze around.
But more often they choose to read (when screentime is not allowed).
And once they started reading, they are very engrossed into their book....lost in their own little adventure.

It’s a good hobby and one I enjoyed most when I was a little girl. So I am glad I am passing this hobby of mine to my kids.
May they also love reading as much as I do even to adulthood!

P/s - This post is not to boast or anything.
But I hope this post can help some of you there to choose books for your little ones to encourage them to read (that is if your little ones love silly stories like Captain Underpants like my 2 boys 😬😌)


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