Monday, May 15, 2017

Teacher's Day 2017: HANDS DOWN, You're The Best Teacher Around!

Hand Soap as Teacher's Day Gifts 2017

Since Khye is doing the personalized candles for his teachers, Shern wanted to do something else because he did it before when he was 5yo like Khye.

We looked at Pinterest together and decided to give his teachers a bottle of hand soap with a cute meaningful tag.
Found the perfect tag on Pinterest that says "Hands Down, You're The Best Teacher Around!" and printed it out.

Shern working hard cutting the tags and punching holes in them.

We also decided to add something extra and personal to it to write a message to his teachers.
He drew out his palm and cut them out all by himself and write out the teachers' names in it.

I helped him secured the tags using Baker's Twines.
This is how they look like once done.

Up close.

 This boy is very pleased with his work, and can't wait to give them to his teachers tomorrow!

 Happy Teacher's Day Tomorrow!!!!

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