Monday, May 15, 2017

❤❤❤A Very Delicious Mother's Day Weekend! ❤❤❤

Happy Mother's Day 2017 with my MIL and my Mum!

This year's Mother's Day celebration was a blast! I celebrated for the whole weekend and was pampered throughout the two days.

The boys made card for me for Mother's Day.
Khye made me two cards. One from his Mandarin class and the other from school. 

And my eldest boy made me a pop-up card! Really creative of him!

We started off with Saturday lunch at CRC Old Restaurant with my MIL and Mum and family. 
Food was awesome. Loved the curry prawns with man tou, and also their pork ribs. 

Lunch with family was even more awesome.
All of us. 

I bought a simple Lychee Flan cake there just for the kids to be happy. 
They sang us a Mother's Day song. haha.

And then hubby gave me my first Mother's Day present. 
He gave me his share of a giant prawn and even peeled off its shell for me. lol.
So here it is, me with my prawn from hubby. :)

A photo with both my mums.
And also with ah-yee who is like a second mum to me and a second grandma to my kids too.

A photo of me and my kids to end the lunch. 

And after we went home to mum's hse and while baby was having his nap, hubby sneaked me out for some dessert.
He knew I love dessert and so he just brought me to my usual favourite place Dolce Dessert at Jln Kek Chuan.
Their Creme Brulee is one of the best I've tasted. Smooth and not cloyingly sweet. First time I tried their Valrhona Chocolate Tart, not bad at all. 

And at last, managed to take a selfie with just me and hubby. ;)

The following day, Sunday, which is on Mother's Day itself, I booked hi-tea for 4 at Ri's Cafe to treat mum and Ahyee for a Mother's Day treat. 

And soon after we got seated and while waiting for food, I saw a man came in holding a small bouquet of flowers and was super shocked when he passed it to me! omgosh!
Can't believe hubby did such a nice thing and I must say after so many years together, he is really getting really good at this! Can't say I am complaining though! ;)
Love you lots!

The food at Ri's Cafe was really delicious and did not disappoint.
What I liked about the hi-tea is that half of the food is savoury. I like a balance of savoury and sweet varieties.
For their savoury, I love their Mini Prawn Toast with the chili mayo as a dip.
And their chocolate brownies with marshmallow and cookie dough was really delicious too. 

Let me warn you, portion is big, so you can treat this as your lunch too!
It is only RM29.90 per pax, really worth it!

Here's a photo of me with Mum and Ah Yee. 

Took some photos of the cake inside and outside.


After that, I went home and saw that hubby had put naughty Vern to sleep. He refused to sleep earlier and just fell asleep at 4.30pm.
We had to leave house by 5.30pm as hubby made dinner reservation at 6pm at Via Pre. 

I always wanted to go there but didn't have a chance to, and now hubby booked it! 
It was quite empty when we arrived there at 6pm sharp. I guess it was still too early. 

My kids loved the food there. The complimentary bread was also very delicious. And my kids ate almost all of it. 
Because I wasn't too hungry after the hi-tea, I just order a few dishes. 

The Salmon Bruschetta was just so-so to me, but the sides of the seasoned tomatoes was really delicious!
And my kids super loved the Pizza there. Big portioned and delicious. 

The Star Dish of the night is this Antipasta dish of a variety of cured hams and cheeses with some sun-dried tomatoes.
This is an order for one person, and the portion was quite generous.
Hubby doesn't really like cheeses and stuff so I order for one person and thought I would get to eat this all by myself. Mana tau, my 2 elder kids ate a lot of the cured ham and some cheeses! Haha.

Shern and Khye with their food!

Hubby took a shot of me with the food and look who's eating before me. Haha. 

Me and my boys. Love them. 

Me and hubby. :)

We ended the dinner and Mother's Day celebration weekend with a fired-up Creme Brulee!

Thank you hubby for pampering me throughout the weekend.

Thank you Mama for raising up such a good son, and for loving me as your daughter.
And thank you Mummy for bringing me into this world and for raising me. Without you, there is no me!

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