Monday, May 8, 2017

Conversation with Khye @ 4yo

I had this in my draft for more than 6 months at least.
These conversation was jotted down when Khye just turned 4 years old .
I think I should just post it here, for me to reminisce in the future.


Khye met a new friend in the McD playhouse.

New Friend: Where is your mum?
Khye: That's my mum (pointing at me who was sitting nearby)
New Friend: Where is your dad?
Khye: I don't have a dad! 

Me: Khye, why did you say you don't have a dad?
Khye: Erm..because dad was in the car.
Me: Next time, you should say "my dad is not here".
Khye: OK. My dad is not here, so I dont have a dad! 
Me: "_"


Khye was admitted to the hospital due influenza and some bacteria infection.
The doctor was about to jab him to insert a cannula into his vein/hand. He wanted to distract Khye so he was trying to make small talk to Khye.

Doctor: Oh, you are wearing a Superman t-shirt. So you are such a brave boy, Superman.
Khye: I am not Superman, I am Yiu-Khye.
Doctor: But can you be Superman for awhile as you are so brave.
Khye: No, my mummy says we cannot tell a lie.
Doctor: "_"


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