Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hong Kong With Kids: Day 1 (PEN-HKG)

I haven't even blogged about our family trip to KL last December, and here we are, just gotten back from Hong Kong.
I better start blogging about Hong Kong now that it is still fresh in my memory.

I'd been to Hong Kong twice before this, but this time if the first time I brought my kids there. So this is a kiddie Hong Kong trip. ;)

We took the CX noon flight from PEN-HKG. We went to the airport early to have brunch there. Had McD since it pleases the kids. Freaking expensive there though.

6 March 2014

After that the kids watched the planes at the Departure Hall.
Shern saw the Air Asia plane, and said that it was a "Kit Kat aeroplane", and I think that was a brilliant description!

 A photo with mum and the kids.

 And our little family of 4.

Shern was such a great flyer. He enjoyed himself so much.

Just remember to request for Kid's Meal upon booking. If not they will just serve your child the normal meal.
Shern loved his Kid's Meal, mainly because of that Milo chocolate bar. It was a big portion of 5 fish fingers with some mix vege and wedges. Shern ate 3 fish fingers and that chocolate bar.
He didn't touch the bun, not the fruits and Ribena as expected.

Shern was happy eating his meal while watching Disney's Frozen on the screen. After that he watched other cartoons and also played some Chess and Orthello on the screen. Blissful time for him!

Khye turned out to be a good flyer to. He konked out for the first hour on the plane. I was nursing him as the plane was taking off to take the air pressure off his ears. He seemed fine and just continued sleeping after that.
After an hour or so, my baby woke up and I lifted the arm rest in between mum and me, and he sat there quietly while I fed him my meal.

Oh ya, I requested for Infant's meal, and Khye's package came with 3 bottles of Heinz Baby Food (forgot to take pic). It was 2 bottles of food and a bottle of Apple Juice.
I opened the Sweet Potato bottle and fed Khye but he spat them out. He didn't like pureed food anymore at 1 1/2yo. He prefers to eat off my plate. I served him my fruits and also some of my rice. He ate quite a lot for a baby.

That was how we were seated. No more window seats, so we were on the middle row with Shern at one end, and me on the other end, and mum in between us.

And that was Peter next to me after the isle.

At the Hong Kong airport. We packed only 2 medium sized luggage for all of us, and a cabin sized hand carry. We decided to pack light as we were taking public transport to our accomodation, and also we had a stroller with us. 

Hong Kong Airport is big. It was too slow waiting for the kids to walk beside us. It was easier to stroll the big one and plopped the small one in our luggage trolley. lol. 

Khye was ok being in that trolley as long as I was the one who pushed the trolley. Yes, he sticks to me like that.

Shern had a great time because we took the Airport Express to the city. Shern is very intro trains, so he was really glad to be on this fast express train.

And the whole section of the train was just for us, so it was like booking the whole train all to ourselves.

And then we took the MTR to get to Jordan station which was the nearest to our apartment.
By the time we reached our apartment, it was almost 6.30pm and Shern knocked off in his stroller.

And oh, I booked an apartment via and it was great for us. There was no hotels which would take all of us (3 adults, 1 child, 1 baby) in one room, and I didn't want to book 2 rooms. I want all of us to be together, so booking an apartment was the other alternative.

Hong's apartment was great with a living room, 2 bedrooms, a small kitchen and also a toilet. It could sleep up to 6 and just the right size for us. And it was also more friendly on the budget. Definitely a recommendation! (click on the link to view more photos of the apartment)

After we checked-in, we went out to search for food.
It was really cold weather, about 15 degree Celcius, so it was cold!

Our first stop was the curry fish balls just below our apartment.
Taste-wise was so-so, but Shern loved it! Khye even ate the fried tofu!


After that, we stopped by Hoi Tin Tong to have some Guai Lin Gou. HKD50/bowl, but it was big and delicious! Mum and I loved it. 

After filling our tummies, we got back to our apartment to rest for the day. Shern was happy doodling on his Boogie Board and Khye happily played with some cars I brought along. So glad of the space we had in the apartment. 

Then it was time to say goodnight for Day 1 in Hong Kong. Zzzzzzz....

Stay tuned for Day 2!

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Serenely said...

Wow! Look forward to following this series. HK is on our list of potential destinations for our next family holiday. So will be great to get some tips an ideas from you. Especially since our kids are roughly the same age

tanshuyin said...

Hie Serene,

Hong Kong is a great place for kids, though you need to keep a close watch of the kids at all times because Hong Kong is very crowded.

But other than that, it's great. Public transport's great and lotsa good places for kids and also food is good (at least for my kids as there are lots of rice and noodles and porridge easily avail).

You need a lot of walking in Hong Kong, so if possible bring a stroller for Nathan and babywear your little girl, just like what I did. Not every place is stroller friendly there, but we definitely needed the stroller. It helps their little feet.

Ok, Day 2 is out. Have a good read.