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Goats Say 'Meh'! - Saanen Dairy Goat Farm

Saanen Dairy Goat Farm - 28 Sep 2014

(Warning: Blog post overloaded with photos!)

Yesterday morning, together with my crafty friends, Josie and Cindy and their families, we went to Saanen Dairy Goat Farm in Balik Pulau.

Saanen Dairy Goat Farm
298 MK 1 , Sungai Pinang , 11010 Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang, Balik Pulau
Tel : 0195163017
Opening Hours : 10am - 5pm daily
Admission : FREE

To tell the truth, I think we'd never drove to Balik Pulau (not 'til that far!) since gazillion years ago, so without Waze, we would never have found the location.
It took us about 1 hour to get there using the Jalan Tun Sardon route.
If we were to use the other route via Batu Feringghi, it may look shorter, but it actually would take almost the same time to reach there. And I was afraid if that route may cause us to be car-sick.

Anyway, the kids had a great time there.

The farm was smaller than I'd imagined, but it was big enough for small kids.
There were free grass stalks for us to feed the goats, which I find is very thoughtful of them. I mean, they could have charged and we would still buy some, right?
And oh, entrance is FREE too, how about that?

We first walked to the bigger stables on the higher platform.

Khye was very excited to see the goats and he kept on saying 'meh meh' - which is how he describes a goat. He was excited to see the goat in real life, just like in his book!

We could smell the initial smell of some goat poo stench, but nothing unbearable. After a while, I couldn't smell it anymore as we were immured to it. :)

Both Shern and Khye had fun feeding them their grass stalk.
Look at Khye smiling happily feeding the goat.

Khye imitating the goat munching on the grass, with his tongue out.

Khye picked which goat to likes to feed to. He somehow shook his head when I asked him to feed a particular goat, and then he would go to a goat he likes and feed it. Talk about favoritism! 
My little taukeh feeding some of his favourite goats. 

Shern feeding the goats happily.

There were quite some many goats there. Most are big goats.

These were the baby goats but I think you wouldn't know that in these photos as all looked almost the same size. 

These big goats are greedy, and they rushed to munch on the grass and kept on munching and pulling them.
We needed to guide the smaller ones like Khye when feeding the goat, as some of the goats are too strong for him. Khye held on to the grass and the goats actually pulled him towards them. lol. And Khye didn't know how to let go.
These baby goats are less ganas though.

The brothers feeding the goats.

A photo of me & Khye, and Cindy with Abby. No Josie here because she was the cam woman behind this beautiful photo. 
Photo by Josie.

My kids saying bye to the goats on the higher stables.
Photo by Josie

After that we proceeded downstairs to a smaller stable, housing the baby goats.
Photo by Josie

There was also a small rabbit cage nearby, which is a big hit among the kids. They kept on feeding them grass, and to my surprised, some nibbled on them too.

The kids had fun feeding these baby goats again.
Let the photos do the talking here!




These goats were really cute to the max!


All the kids here feeding the baby goats, together with Uncle Alex. :)

The farm also had some food for sale.
We got to try the buns, courtesy of Cindy's hubby. It was served piping hot and was quite tasty too!

We didn't try the goat's milk, but I did buy a bottle (RM3) for Shern to feed the baby goats.
The moment these goats saw the milk, they were clambering all over another to be fed. Shern had his hands full feeding them. The goats sucked the bottle quite vigorously and Shern did a good job feeding them!



And lastly a group photo of all of us. 
As usual in a big group photo with small kids, there would sure be people who didn't look at the camera. And this time, the kids were all looking elsewhere except for Shern. lol.
But nevertheless, still a photo to be treasured!
Photo by Josie

Another photo with everyone looking at the camera, but a bit dark! (Josie, please edit this photo for us. lol)

And a photo of our family.
Photo by Josie

After the farm, we all proceeded to the Balik Pulau Market to eat the famous laksa.
No photos of the laksa, only 1 photo of my little fella drinking his Iced Milo.
Photo by Josie

I don't have many photos of the other families, but Josie took quite many photos.
For more story of our visit to the Saanen Dairy Goat Farm, please hop over Josie's blog here.

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Jack said...

Just loved reading your post. Your kids are adorable and the way they show the love to goats is so beautiful. Thank you for making my day.