Thursday, March 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Kong-kong! 

It was a happy day for Shern, so happy as though it was his birthday. Mainly because what Kong-kong loves are also the things he loves - namely Haagen-Dazs and Chocolate Cake!
So he was in a gorgeous mood!

Look at his WIDE, WIDE smiles!

Some photos with each of us there, except with Daddy, because Khye was in a bad mood, and hubby took him for a walk.

And then Shern asked for more photos with us. I was surprised because he seldom asked to take photos. We obliged of course.

But then he was also in a cheeky mood and started doing funny faces, and 'kemek' our faces!
Look at how he squeezed our faces flat! But he was having fun, so it was all good!

At last, Khye joined in for a photo of the 4 of us!

A group photo of the rest, except Khye who refused to leave my side. Told u he was in a bad mood!

 No photos of the ice-creams, but we had a very sweet supper indeed! ;D

Then for dinner, mum cooked Dad's favourite dishes. Sweet and sour pork, and also assam prawns. It may looked unappetizing here, but Dad said everything was so good he ate 2nd helpings and finished all the rice. No more left for me when I went for a refill. lol.

And finally it was Cake time!
Count the candles and you know my dad's age. lol.


Happy Birthday Dearest Daddy.
Thanks for all the sacrifices you made for us. Thank you for raising us to be fine ladies. Thank you for playing with my sons. Thank you for everything. 
Hope you had a wonderful birthday!
Love you lots.

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