Monday, March 3, 2014

CNY 2014 with Cousins

1st Day of CNY  - 31st Jan 2014
l to r: Jalyn-13 mths, Yiu-Khye-16 mths, Yiu-Shern-4yo, Dylan-8yo, Jamie-10yo 

This year's CNY had been a blast.
Also mainly because of the nice cool weather we had which makes CNY visiting with 2 kids bearable and rather fun!

Reunion Dinner was delicious with MIL being the best cook ever. Her 'jiu hoo char' is to die-for. And I love her Prawn Curry too. Just like every year, everyone ate too much. :)

This year at MIL house, there are 2 toddlers of the same age. It was cute seeing them sitting together, and enjoying each other's company while watching cartoon on tv.

And these 2 photos are of the 5 cousins together.

Hubby bought rm40 worth of fireworks and this is what he got. Yes, what a miserable bunch for RM40. Fireworks are getting really expensive. 

Kids watch behind the gate while hubby lights them off by the roadside.
And surprisingly Khye wasn't scared of the fireworks sounds at all. He watched happily and was amazed even by their loud sounds!

And for those milder ones, the kids get to light them too under our supervision.

Shern had his first try at playing with fireworks. 

On CNY morning at home, both kids got their first ang pows from me while in their jammies!

And then off we went to A-Ma's house again! Both kids dressed matchy-matchy  tops! ;)

Hubby & me at the front seats and me taking a selfie of us.

Glad both kids were well behaved during all the CNY visiting, and no meltdowns.
And whenever we go back to MIL house, it was all chaos again with these 5 kids in the house.

CNY with cousins all back was chaotic but fun. Their reunion during CNY was too short, hope to see them again real soon!

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