Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shern @ Fig Tree Hill Resort

This post is totally outdated, as we went to Fig Tree Hill Resort last December 2012, which was about 1/2 year ago. I got too busy to blog about it, but then I saw some photos of Shern which was so nice, so I will blog about Shern having fun there for now. Shern was about 3 1/2 yo then.

Prior to booking, we saw that there was a big spacious private patio at our villa, so we brought Shern's bicycle there. So Shern had so much fun cycling there.

It was a nice breezy morning. And it was quite chilly there among the lush trees. Look at Shern wearing long pants.

Cool breeze + Bicycle = A happy Shern. So he was happily posing for me when I said "look at me and smile!"

Look at him doing some action pose!

Somehow he looks so baby-ish here in this photo.

Posing on the wooden plank floors beside the bicycle.

And when we walked around the resort, Shern was still posing happily for me.
Shern was standing on the driveway into the resort.

Along the colourful path,

I like these natural tree stalks (or whatever you call them) hanging down. The resort people ties them up in bunches, so they drape down so neatly.

This is the lobby/pond area.

 Shern standing next to a broom posing in front of other people's villa. lol.

Walking down the steps....

This is my favourite photo of Shern in this whole batch!
His smile. The way he stands. So very big boy. 

Ok, will be blogging about our weekend stay in Fig Tree Hill resort real soon.
Stay tuned....

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