Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011.

  • It was a year of travel, with me going all the way to USA and South Africa, and also not forgetting Hong Kong, Singapore, Phuket, Lumut, Pangkor, KL, etc. I found that I super love travelling!
  • I wore a bikini for the first time in Phuket.
  • Baking took a plunge this year, with only about 20 bakes or so.
  • And I guess baking took a plunge because I found a new hobby - Scrapbooking and I've been an addict ever since!
  • I made a few new friends this year, something not easy for SAHM.
  • I rekindled with old friend.
  • Shern started talking (at 20 mths), and I was ecstatic. Now a little less so because he just wouldn't stop!
  • Hubby won us a new flat-screened TV and thus we are no longer the only ones using boxed TV!
  • Took Shern to many places in Penang that we dedicated a new category in my blog called Cuti-cuti Penang.
  • Addicted to Edo Ichi's Soft Shell Crab and Salmon Skin Salad, and am now salivating as I type.
  • Loved 2011 because I saw Wen twice this year. Made me realized how much I missed her.
  • Attended the most beautiful wedding ever. My sis's wedding in Cape Town.
  • Celebrated our 10th Year Dating Anniversary.
  • This year is mostly about Yiu-Shern. I had 67 posts written about him.
Somehow 2011 just flew by for me. It was a year I treasure.
2011 gave me hope, love and discoveries.
Goodbye 2011. Thank you for everything.

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