Friday, January 6, 2012

Starting Up My Engines

The next step that I should do while I am trying to get pregnant is to eat healthy.

Day 1, failed. I ate instant noodles at 1am. Sigh. It's Ok, time to start again. haha. So I try to sleep earlier every night. Instead of the usual 2am, I try to sleep before midnight. This way, my tummy won't be growling for food.

This afternoon, I also went to Tesco and bought myself a box of the Anmum Materna milk powder. The plain flavoured was out of stock, so I grabbed the chocolate flavoured box. Haven't really tried the chocolate flavour before, but should taste ok since I am a chocolate lover, right? I haven't started drinking yet. Will start tomorrow.

And I did read up that it will also be good to start myself on folic acid supplements. Will also buy some home pregnancy test kits on my next visit to the pharmacy.

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