Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Signal Hill, Cape Town - 28 November 2011

After Rhodes Memorial, we drove up to Signal Hill.

Signal Hill
aka Lion's Rump, is a landmark flat-topped hill located in Cape Town, next to Lion's Head and Table Mountain.

Photo source: Wikipedia

It was about noon when we reached there. We quickly found a shady spot underneath a tree and decided to just picnic there.
We brought our lunch and just sat there chilling out.

The view from where we sat was beautiful. In front of us is the blue sea, and behind us was the view of the Table Mountain and Lion's Head.

This is the view of the blue, blue sea.

And behind us, the Table Mountain and the Lion's Head.

Shern had fallen asleep in the car on the way here. So he continued to sleep in his stroller when we reached there. Peace and quiet. :)

Meanwhile, we took some photos of ourselves amidst the beautiful backdrop.

After an hour or so, Shern woke up.
He asked for food when he saw our picnic basket.
So after bread and some yogurt, he was all energized.

Look at his happy and contented face after a good nap and food.

He then walked and ran about and was doing his funny antics.

He saw the bricks on the floor and as usual imagined that he was walking on 'railway tracks'.

My fatty baby was munching on biscuits. Look at his big stomach.

Better view of his stomach here :P

It was also here in Signal Hill that I captured Shern's cute expressions that I blogged about a week ago!

Pho-pho, Kong-kong & Yee-pho was chilling under the shade all the time.
If you noticed, they were wearing light sweaters. Even though the sun was harsh, but when the wind blew, it was cold.

Then we all had ice-creams. The rum & raisin flavour was good.

Shern was of course very happy. He never said no to ice-cream.

After that, it was bubble time. I took out a bottle of the soapy bubble mixture and he had some fun blowing and catching bubbles. Actually, it was me doing the blowing, and him doing the catching.

Yes, we had fun.
That's what I like our trip. Taking our own sweet time, just chilling out in a beautiful place.

On our way down in the car, we saw this beautiful scenery. Cape Town is lovely, huh?

p/s - To read more about our trip to Cape Town, South Africa, pls click here.


WendyinKK said...

the sky looks so beautiful....... how clear and blue it is.. wow.
I wish I can see for myself this type of skyline oneday.

tanshuyin said...

wendy, cape town is REALLY beautiful. most beautiful city ive ever seen. and the scenery is vast and the sky is usually cloudless and blue (that explains the sun burnt!) but is really spectacular. Go for ur 2nd honeymoon with ur hubby there!

Cindy Lee said...

Wow! What a spectacular view!! I'm sure you had a super great time there with your family!