Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Wore A Bikini

Phuket - 13 Feb 2011

Yes, at last I did!
Now I can strikethrough '#43. Wear a bikini' off My Life List.


Elly said...

eh..turn lar want to see the sexy front ~!~!

tanshuyin said...

haha. super small breasts with bulging tummy also u wanna see ar???

WendyinKK said...

My hubby will never agree to me wearing one, he says I'll be polluting the environment if I ever wear one. He's so nasty!!!!
He doesn't realise that times have changed. Antique minded.

tanshuyin said...

In Phuket beach, EVERYONE wears a Bikini. There are like hundreds of ppl there at the beach and I am yet to find one who wears a swimsuit which is not a bikini/2-pc swimsuit.
No matter how old they are. Or how thin or fat they are.

So I juz joined in the crowd! :)

WendyinKK said...

Ok, then I must bring my man there and show him that, if not my bikinis are collecting dust in the cupboard.

Josie said...

YOU should scrap about THIS PIC!!! :P It's so cute! and also i think a milestone for you! :D Title should be " I'm Sexy and I know it!" .... Woohoo!

tanshuyin said...

Josie...haha. Yes, I think I will need to develop this pic!
not bad huh....wearing a bikini after having a kid! ;)