Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

So what is My Top 5 Treat List?

Me being a wife to Peter, mummy to Shern, sis to Wen & Min, daughter to my parents or just being plain 'ol me has too many treats I want. I seem to want everything.

Well, there is no harm in dreaming, right? (throw away thoughts of 'Do I have enough money for Shern's tertiary edu?' 'Do I have enough for our retirement?' aside)

1. My Dream House

No, it is not a huge mansion with a swimming pool. I just want a medium-sized double or triple storey house with a small garden just like the pic above. I can imagine myself living there organizing everything - with a maid of coz! *grin

2. My Dream Holiday

I don't hany any specific destination - it could be anywhere in the long as my whole family goes with me.

Yes, the entire family - hubby, me & Shern, my parents, my sis, my ah-yee! All off to somewhere relaxing and nice.
5-Star Hotels with fluffy pillows and great service. Delicious dining. Wonderful weather.
Enjoying it all without feeling the pinch in our pockets.

3. My Dream Spa

I think I need a much deserved spa relaxation. A place where it is full of greens. A place of serenity and tranquility.
Being a SAHM (Stay At Home Mummy) to 5 months old Shern is indeed exhausting. Shern needs 24/7 watching. Just talking about the middle-of-the-nights-wakings is making me shiver. My back aches. My arms ache. My whole body years for a massage.

4. My Dream Library

I am a book lover.
Not those non-fiction books. Not those self-motivation books.
I am a fiction / novels addict.
I dream of a library like the pic above inside my dream house.

5. My Dream Laptop: DELL Inspiron 13

As you all know, my Dell Inspiron 1420 was stolen by the stupid burglar less than 2 months ago. I really need a laptop of my own soon.

So why Dell Inspiron 13?
Well, 'Outer Beauty, Inner Strength' says it all.
The stylish and sleek Cherry Red colour laptop is making me drool.

Some of the features I like is the
wireless capability of it. It has an enhanced wireless support of up to 802.11n connections so you will never have problems connecting to the up-to-date wireless networks.
It also produces crystal clear definition that is amazing with the 13.3¨ Hi-def display with a 1366 x 768 resolution and with a 16:9 aspect ratio as well as a 720p picture.

Outer beauty coupled with powerful performance - ah...who can resist this?

(Note: You can use this special coupon code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 from Dell that would allow any of you to purchase a Dell Inspiron 13 (S510701MY) with RM100 Instant Cash Redemption! This promotion is only available online or by calling Dell at 1800-88-0301. This coupon code expires on the 5th of November 2009.)

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