Friday, November 6, 2009

Goodbye Soft Toys

Look at the amount of soft toys my 2 sis and I collected over the years? (actually, there are more! some were already given away or somehow got lost among our rubbish)

Well, these are the ones that we will be donating to Tzu Chi or the Salvation Army. We picked only about a dozen of them - those that we could not bear to part with them even though some of them lost an eye, etc. :) (Wen, your Monko)

Many ask me to keep for Shern. Well, I did. I kept some colourful ones for Shern. But I think Shern has enough soft toys. And it gives me excuse to buy new ones in the future.

I hope these will bring a smile to those children receiving it. I know they will be going to good homes - to the hands of the children who loves them and bring them to bed with them. Rather than with us stuffed inside plastic bags into the top of the wardrobe.

Zooming in the lens.......

But let me declare something here. I would NEVER, EVER give Labbit away. (I even successfully persuaded Min to give me hers - as my Labbit's successor - ( that what do you call it?)

If you peeps know me well, you will know that I sleep with a sweet-smelly rabbit called 'Labbit' which I LOVE more than Peter. Muahahahaha..... :D

p/s-Ndru, please don't ill-comment my Labbit ;P


chiaoju said...

awwww... do they really have to go? :(

the ones me and my 2 sisters have are still around. Most of them are in the cupboard, some are in a place called the green apartment and others are on my bed. i wouldn't be able to give them away!!! i think it's coz i secretly believe they are alive. hahaha.

i dunno if you've seen them, but i have blogged about them before... somewhere. *teehee*

giNnA said...

Shu Yin... wah I just realized that you have got so many soft toys... when you want to give me some to accompant my Patricks?

Shurainian said...

My Monko is the sexiest!!! Especially the eye... hahaha

tanshuyin said... place to keep them ler. n i think other kids will benefit from it more than us. sure ur patrick got many companions dee need my soft toys.

wen...ur monko is the AH-KONG la...old til blind dee :P