Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tools and Method Used When Cooking for Baby Vern

Ever since baby Vern started semi-solid/solid food, it has been almost a daily thing to whip out something quick for him. Let me share with you how I cook for him and the tools I use to make my life easier.

Let me first share my first favourite tool.
I forgot the brand and don't really know what it is called, but I called it the Lotus Foldable Steamer Basket.

This thing is foldable, with self-adjusting sides which fits into almost any size pots/pans.
Mine is made of polypropylene sides and a metal base which are heat-resistant to a high heat level.

This is how the back looks like. It has silicon feet.

So what I do is I usually cut my carrots/pumpkin/potatoes or whatever into strips so that it is easier to cook and also to encourage self-feeding for baby-led weaning.
Then spread it on the Lotus Foldable Steamer Basket.
Then I filled a little water into a small pot and then put the steamer basket into the pot once the water is boiling away.
Close it up and lower the heat and in about 10-15 mins it will be done.

I like this because I like to steam most of baby Vern's food, because steaming supposedly retains those all-important nutrients, making it a healthy way for him to enjoy his food.

You can also put a variety of food in it at once. Mix it up. It works fine as long as you are ok with the mix of the flavours. I don't mind and Vern doesn't mind so it is fine.

Actually, this nifty little tool can be bought anywhere.
I saw this selling at the pasar malam too. Not sure if they are bpa-free or not though.

My next favourite tool is this Turbo Chopper by Tupperware brand.
I owned one previously and I mainly use it to chop garlics and chilies. 
I like that it is small and it doesn't use electricity; just pull the string several times and it is all done! Easy and effortless!
Photo Source:

I use a lot of minced garlic for cooking so this saves me time and sanity. I chop a week's worth of garlic and then use it every day, saving me a lot of time.

And then I decided to use this to chop Vern's food too. But since mine is already filled with garlicky-chilly smell, I purchased another one from my friend.

This time, I purchased the Turbo Chopper Set; which comes with the turbo chopper and an extra 2 bases with 3 seals.
Photo Source:

I use it to blend the brown rice or rolled oats before cooking them to make them smaller and easier for baby Vern to eat since he hasn't got much teeth yet. 
I sometimes blend the carrots or pumpkin or whatever food to be added in to the porridge as well. 

I like that this small little chopper is easy to control how coarse or fine I want it to be chopped/blended. I blended it finely when I want to make it into soup. Or now that baby Vern can bite better, I chopped his food more coarsely when I added them into his porridge/oats.

The very sharp three-blade can be removed from the base and clicked into the white plastic for security, and then you can just out the lid on and keep the remains in the fridge or to take out for outing. Very convenient indeed. 

And to cook his porridge/oats, I steam it too. If we are cooking rice, then I just add a little bowl on the top of our rice. But if we are not cooking rice, I would just take a small stainless steel bowl and steam it in the little pot. 

I either use a little rack for the bottom, or you can also use it without. It works fine. Just make sure the water level is half or less than the bowl and simmer it on low heat. 

I cook it this way because it doesn't make sense to put the porridge or oats directly into the pot as it is easily burned due to the small amount the baby eats. 
And it is much easier to wash this way too. :)

All if you are in a rush of time, or simply just didn't have the time to look over the fire, you can just use the lifesaver slow cooker.
Just throw all the ingredients inside, like for instance I added the rice grains, some corn and pumpkin. Turn on the power and just forget about it. About 1 1/2 to 2 hours later, all will be done. :)

Let me end this post with some pics of baby Vern and his food!

I like these tools and method because I don't have to use my giant steamer / pot to steam/cook just a small amount of food each time for him. And also by using this, I have less things to wash, which ultimately means I am more inclined to cook fresh food for him at every meal, and don't have to resort to batch cooking because I am lazy to wash, haha. 

Hope this post can encourage and inspire you people to cook healthy delicious food for your little ones...with minimal washing and fuss of course! haha!


Unknown said...

I just bought the chopper and deliver yesterday. And i saw your post now, my boy just turn 7m, right time to read your post. Thank you ShuYin!
p/s: i like the info you share!

tanshuyin said...

Phoebe....So glad you found this post useful! :)