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Shern's 5yo Train Themed Birthday Party: Part 2 - The Party

So after the previous post which I blogged Part 1: Decorations on Shern's 5th Vintage Black and Gold Train party, I now will post photos of the party itself with the guests. 

(Warning: This is a long post with tons of photos!...)

My firstborn is now 5 years old. I am always amazed at how fast time flies. 

This is his expressions the moment he stepped into the house as we welcomed him into his own birthday party.
I was touched at how he spontaneously gave me a hug and said thank you.
And I know that working hard (erm, Josie worked harder though!) for his birthday party paid off.

Giving Ah-Ma a hug.

Staring in awe at the train boxes and receiving a present from Aunty York Tee & family.

 And getting more presents from the rest of the guests.

And then he started doing his job as the train conductor and started to distribute the tickets (also the invitation card) to the kids, for a train ride pass in the train.

The moving train on track on the desert table was a highlight for many kids there, including Shern himself. He couldn't stop gazing at it, and would just stood there watching the train chugging along the tracks.

Khye and Lucas were also mesmerized by it and spent much time watching the train.

Khye was initially a bit overwhelmed by seeing so many people in the house. He looked like he was almost ready to cry until he saw the train tracks and then he got really happy.

Look at his happy face in the end. Looks like little Khye enjoyed himself too!
So I must say this brilliant idea of Josie's of putting the train tracks on the desert table was a success! 

Next up is the 'Build/Make Your Own Train' corner.
Another hit with the older kids!
Shern loves these sort of activities, and was especially delighted to make his own train. 

Jaden and Ze got to make their own trains too! 


And looks like Aunty Elly was having fun too with the kids crowding around her.

And this is Shern showing off his end product. His own train! :)

Ok, let's get on with the group photos.
Firstly, just the 4 of us!

And then with Ah-Ma and Ah-Kong.

One with Pho-pho and Kong-Kong.

Another one, with Yee-pho and Min-yee.

Then for both sides of the family.

 And then the Kaufus and Kaumous and Yee-yees from the Cheong side.

And the Mah family. 

Friends, ex-CPTarians (well, mostly :P)

With Elly and family. 

My scrapbook buddies, Josie & family, Cindy & her adorable daughters and York Tee & family.

And then singing of the birthday song.

And blowing of candles and cake cutting.


 And a shot with his beloved Min-yee.

Looks like the guests all enjoyed the food.

And Shern was also enjoying his egg sandwich, and the hard boiled eggs. 

And it was Skype-time with Wen-yee and Ian yee-cheong and baby Ethan in South Africa. 

They wished Shern happy birthday and mum dutifully showed them the yummy food we were having. lol!

My beautiful cousins. 

The nicest thing about having it at home is that guests can relax and have fun in a very cosy environment. 
The girls chatting corner. 

The handphone corner. lol.

The tv-watching corner. 

And the sleeping corner. Baby sleeping so comfortably on Tony's tummy. :)

And this is the little kids corner.
Cindy with her adorable daughters.

Josie carrying Annabelle.

Little Khye playing with cars.

 Khye, Lucas and Ze playing with cars and trains. 

And now the highlight of the party. 
The train ride (albeit on train boxes!)

Shern tearing off the ticket stubs just like a real train conductor. He certainly had fun!

Shern and Khye having a ride.

Riding along with his little brother.

Zi Yi and Khye having a ride. 

And these two are my favourite pics. The kids all in the train tenders. How cute is that? 

Even the adults had fun riding the train. 
Spot two mummies in the train here. hehe.

And I guess someone is forced to fit into the small tenders here. ;P

Shern and Jaden had the most fun as they are of the same age, and had a fun time rocking the chugging the train along.

It was way past dinner time when the final guest said goodnight.
The kids went home with a little chocolate train. Hope they like it.

Let me end this post with another shot of the birthday boy having the time of his life.
May you grow healthy and happy always.

And thank you everyone for your time, and angpows and presents. Shern is really blessed.
And thank you Josie again. :)

Photo Credits: Josie and Alex from 
Pixous Photography.

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Serenely said...

You always throw such amazing parties with such simple touches to make it unique. I love the idea of the train running around the dessert table. That box train looks amazing, but yes, spray painting them would definitely have been a lot of work!