Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Yiu-Khye @ 20 Mths - Motor Skills and Vain Pot

Khye @ 20 mths - 13 May 2014

Yiu-Khye is now 20 months old. How time flies. I'm always shocked that Khye is now a toddler, but he will always be a baby to me.

Khye surprised me this week when I noticed his motor skills increased by leaps and bounds.
I suddenly saw him being so good in playing with his Playskool Busy Poppin' Pals activity toy.
Khye @ 20 mths old - 19 May 2014

This classic activity toy is one of his favourites (and mine too!). Besides teaching him motor skills, it also teaches colours and numbers, as he presses, turns, flips and twists the different switches and buttons to get the animals to pop up.
The pop ups are labelled 1-5 on the top to teach numbers, and the colours are bright and fun for little kids.

When he first played with this toy about 6 months ago, he only knew how to push the yellow button in the middle.
As for the rest of the switches, he couldn't do it because it is not so easy. It needs some strength and a significant push to be able to flip it. And that was like just a month or so ago when he still couldn't do it.

But then suddenly this week, I saw that he has progressed and learned all by himself how to flip the red, green,and blue switches. And he could also twist the pink key.
Khye gets a kick by being able to pop out all the animals by himself, and slamming them back.

Look at Khye popping up the animals all by himself!

Khye also love the animals when they pop up and can now identify the elephant, giraffe, panda bear, lion and monkey. So it teaches Khye different animal names too.

I'll say this activity toy is a good buy because this toy doesn't require batteries.
It is now rather difficult to find a toy in which engages a kid without requiring any batteries. I like that this toy is simple and yet engaging. It makes click sounds when the buttons are pressed or when the key is turned. It also makes a pop sound when the animals pop out. It is not too noisy, and yet has a sound effect in which I think Khye appreciates for a sound effect.
So all in all, I am pretty happy with Khye's motor skills progress.

Last week, we went to Gurney Paragon. While Shern konked out in the stroller, Khye woke up from his nap and had a grand time trying on different shades in Debenhams. (yes, he requested to try them on!).

And when I took out my mobile phone and asked Khye to smile, he would lean on one side to try to 'pose' for the camera. Haha, really funny. He is quite a vain pot, huh.

And this is Khye showing us his index finger, which means 'Good' to him.

 And Khye in his many expressions.

And so, this sums up Khye at 20 mths old. ;)

***Please take note that this post is NOT sponsored. I am a very satisfied mother of a toddler who loves the Playskool Busy Poppin' Pals Activity Toy. I purchased this with my own money. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s).

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