Saturday, May 24, 2014

Conversation with Shern @ 4 Years 11 Mths

Latest conversation with Shern, my talkative boy.


(this one's actually before we went to Hong Kong in March 2014)

Popo: Shern, you need to hold onto my hands at all times when we are in Hong Kong, ok? If you get lost, then the bad people will catch you and you will not get to see mummy or daddy again.
Shern: Is ok. Jesus will take care of me.
Popo: No, no, Jesus cannot take care of you if you get lost. (said this because she didn't want him to be careless on this thinking that it is ok)
Shern: Why not?
Popo: Erm, because Jesus won't know who is your mummy and so you need to be very careful ok. (just thinking up a reason to tell him)
Shern: Dear Jesus, let me introduce to you; this is my mummy (while pointing at me!)
Popo: "_"


There were rain flies all over the place where we were dining in a restaurant. And suddenly Shern said this:-
Shern: I think I ate a bug.
Me: (I was a bit shocked since there were rain flies everywhere.) Why did you say so?
Shern: Because I have stomach ache, so I think I ate a bug, which make my stomach ache.
Me: lol.


Shern: I also want a wife.
Me: Ok, but then you need to stay with your wife.
Shern: But I don't want to stay with my wife. I want to stay with mummy
Me: Then why do you want a wife for?
Shern: So that I can call her 'dear'.


Shern: I wish I am a baby. Because I want to be like Yiu-Khye and don't need to do homework.
Me: But you were a baby before. You were 1 year old before and you didn't do any homework.
Shern: Is not fair, because I don't remember I was 1 year old. I only remember I am 4 1/2 years old.
Me: lol.


Shern loves trains, and he was talking to my sis about buying more trains.
Shern: I want to buy a new train.
Wen Yee: You have so many trains already, and mummy and daddy need to work hard to save money before buying you a train when you are a good boy. Look at your Polar Express (he got that for Christmas last year), mummy and daddy worked so hard to buy you that.
Shern: But that one no need money wan. That is from Santa. The elves made it!

(lol, don't know whether is a good thing or not he believed in Santa!)

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Serenely said...

He sounds like such a quirky funny guy! And I see that Shern believes in Santa with all his heart too! It's nice to keep a bit of that magic for as long as possible I think. Though I have no idea how to make the transition across from fairyland someday.