Monday, November 25, 2013

MMPS One Minute Simultaneous Breastfeeding @ Gurney Paragon

I decided at the very last minute to attend the MMPS One Minute Simultaneous Breastfeeding function at Gurney Paragon. After all, my kids just gotten well recently, and I wanted to see if they are ready to go out. Luckily, they were both well and so last Sunday, we spent the day at Gurney Paragon.

24 November 2013

I heard about these functions over the years, but I've never attended any of them.
It was my first time attending, so I didn't know what to expect.

I first registered myself and then had a brief walk exploring some of the booths there.
Saw my neighbour Su Li there too with the registration.

They also had a fun activity corne made of recyclables for kids to enjoy.

There were not many people. Probably about a hundred people or so.

I was seated together with Khye. Hubby took Shern elsewhere in the mall to enjoy the mall's aircond. It was actually quite hot there as it was held in front of Gurney Paragon's outdoor atrium.

Khye was rather shy at first, a little bit overwhelmed by so many people he did not know, and he clung on to me.
He got braver and was enjoying himself and dancing and clapping his hands while the Starz Band performed some numbers.

My Khye really enjoys a good music, especially those upbeat music.

After a few speeches by YB Chong Eng, and Chairperson of MMPS, and others, it was time for us One Minute mothers to get ready.
At 3.45pm sharp, we started breastfeeding our babies simultaneously.
That's Khye & Me in action. :)

One minute later, it was done.
But guess what? Khye continued to latch on. It was his nap time too and so as he got a chance to suckle, he wouldn't let go. haha.

And in a while, he fell asleep, so I just let him sleep while I babywore him in my Ergo.

This is my certificate of participation.

I think the official numbers announced was 157 mothers breatfeeding simultaneously for one minute. 
There were also a kids performance and more performance from the Starz Band.

And then came the Quiz Time.
I managed to answer a question and I won myself some Modelling Clay products by Nikki. Shern will be so happy to see this.

Then came the Lucky Draw. I also won myself a mini prize, a Getha Contour Baby Pillow. OK, this one's for Khye, or maybe for future bub#3. lol.

Saw my friend York Tee there too, who is also one of the organizers of this event. Took a photo of her with her baby Hang.

I went home after the Lucky Draw.

At home, Khye helped me opened up the Goodie Bag I got from there.
In it were some biscuits and cookies from Chantilly Bakery, and also a Milk Booster Cookie sample, along with some brochures and discount vouchers.
Also spotted a mini handmade soup by MMPS.

All in all, I think the event organized by MMPS is very good, as it brings breastfeeding awareness to the public and also providing a breastfeeding platform to those who wish to know more.
Good job MMPS!

Just that I think the number of people showing up is a bit miserable. I was expecting a larger crowd. I hope to see more people on such events in the future.

I enjoyed myself, and I will definitely sign up for next year's event.

Happy Breastfeeding.
Breast is Best!


Cindy Lee said...

I'm supposed to go but can't make it. Hope to attend next year with baby#2 :)

Anonymous said...

The turn up number was disappointed !! Not well prepared