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Review, Discount Code & Free Gift: Blue Oak Valley's Felicity Range - (Part 3: Anti-Aging Organics)

This is Part 3: Anti-Aging Organics of the Blue Oak Valley's Felicity Skin Care Range (you can click to view Part 1: Daily Face Care and Part 2: Exfoliating Face Scrub)

IngredientsLicorice*, mulberry*, chamomile essence*, rose essence*, pro-vitamin B5, citrus aurantium, simmondsia chinensis seed oil* (*CERTIFIED ORGANIC).Net Wt.: 30g


Packaging wise is as elegant as the Daily Face Care range as it comes in a classy glass tub with a pump for a more consistent dispensing amount.
Words are printed bold and clear on the packaging paper like the others.

Just like the rest, it is not travel-friendly as it comes in a glass tub. But I guess if you go for a short holiday, most people may not choose to bring along anti-aging solutions, so maybe this is irrelevant. 


This anti-aging solution is the next step in the Felicity Skin Care range. The anti-aging oil is said to reverse the signs of aging, which sounds very appealing.
It is supposed to restore skin's youthful vitality with this rejuvenating facial formula for dry and mature skin. The botanical extracts nourish, rejuvenate and promote rapid cell renewal which delays and protects against wrinkles.

It is too soon for me to see results, but I think by rate my skin is aging, I'd no doubt but to use this in the hope to really, really hope that it would restore my skin's youthful vitality!

Ingredient list is short and of natural ingredients. 'Nuff said.

As mentioned, this classy glass bottle comes with a pump for a more consistent dispensing amount.
One pump dose is sufficient for my entire face and neck. I am surprised by how well this product spreads on my skin. My skin absorbs the whole thing within seconds on applying, really amazing!

I noticed that after applying it, my skin is somewhat smoother. It kinda act as a barrier for my face, and creates a smooth palette for the foundation or make up as well.

Love the fact that this barrier is not harmful and clogging pores, but is actually doing its anti-ageing magic underneath my make up! ;)

This magic potion is advised to be used during your nightly facial care routine, once a day.

However, I must admit that this is a tad expensive with a retail price tag of RM388.00 (the priciest product in the brand). But all the previous brands of anti-aging serum that I'd purchase also came with a hefty price tag as well, so I guess the price range for such a product is about the same par. I need to compare apple to apple, right?
But the good news is that readers of my blog get a 25% discount (after discount would be RM290), so we'd better grab it before it is gone (read below for more details for the discount code)

So all in all, I must conclude that this is a great luxury product, and is vital if I don't want to end up being a wrinkly old woman too fast!


More good news! Thanks to Blue Oak Valley, you get:

- 25% off STOREWIDE
at Blue Oak Valley website for 1 month (until 31 Dec 2013) using discount code 'SHUYIN25',
- and after that will be 15% off STOREWIDE  for a further 6 months (until 30 Jun 2014) using discount code 'SHUYIN15'.
- Only applicable for online sales.

FREE GIFT with purchase

Reader who purchases any 2 or more of BOV products will get a FRUIT MASK ORGANICS worth RM158 for FREE until 31st Dec 2013! (Yes, on top of the 25% or 15% discount!)


If you wish to see and hold (and smell!) the products before you make a purchase, BOV products are also available in stores.
And here is the link to the list of retailers.

And special mention to the retailer Fabulous Mom which has nationwide stores, and Twins Baby as there is a Twins Baby store in Penang located in Jln Masjid Negeri (somewhere opposite Convent Green Lane). So for you Penang readers, you can drop by there!
(**pls take note that they may not have the full range of BOV products on display)

If you wish to know more on the addresses of these retailers, or if you have any other questions or enquiries, you can send an email to

For more info, you can also visit Blue Oak Valley website or their Facebook page.

* Disclosure: I received the Anti-Aging Organics (30g), for review purpose, but no monetary incentive was received. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s).

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