Thursday, October 10, 2013

Conversation with Shern @ 4 years 4 months (52 mths)

Shern has been asking me rather complicated questions lately:

1. (While watching me nursing Khye, Shern asked me this:)

Shern: Mummy, how did the milk goes into your nen-nen (nen-nen means breasts/boobs).
Me: Well, God make mummies very special, so she makes mummies have nen-nen to feed babies.
Shern: How did God put the milk into your nen-nen?
Me: Well, God didn't exactly put the milk into me. God make mummies special, and after deliver babies, mummies will have nen-nen automatically. (I tried using words he understands)
Shern: So God is magic is it?
Shern: Yes, something like that. God can do some good magic.

(At pho-pho house...)

Shern: I want to become mummy too.
Me: But you are a boy, next time you can become a daddy.
Shern: No, I want to become a mummy.
Me: Alright, you can pretend to me a mummy. Hello, mummy Yiu-Shern.
Shern: Yay! Pls call me mummy ok.
(after playing with his toys, it was time for a nap and so it was time to clear the toys off the floor)

Shern: Mummy, can you please help me to keep my toys?
Me: Aren't you the mummy now?
Shern: There are 2 mummies. I am the mummy who don't need to keep the toys, and you are the mummy who will help to keep the toys.

Me: "_"


York Tee said...

Haha...He's so smart!

J said...

Wow... Genius reply

tanshuyin said...

YTee...haha he is getting a little too smart

Peen....noti or not?