Monday, February 18, 2013

My 31st Birthday

Yes, I am this old already. Haha.
I actually celebrated my birthday end of last month, and I didn't have the time to sit around blogging about it.

Anyway, on my birthday, many people asked me what did hubby got for me for my birthday. I guess many wondered how hubby could top the great itinerary for my 28th birthday, the iPhone he got for me on my 29th birthday, making me suddenly having one of the most trendiest handphone around, and the precious Tiffany & Co's 18k Gold Pendant he got me for reaching the big three zero

Tada...hubby gave me nothing this year! Haha.
To be honest, it is not nothing. He gave me a wonderful day and made me feel extra special on that day, but he didn't get me anything physical.
And was I disappointed? Well, actually NO.

We are like this. We don't really give each other anything on special days all the time. We do it once in a while. Sometimes we just went out for a meal or have a little date together, and we would feel all lovey-dovey and happy that we take time off to spend some to with each other.

But we did have some makan celebration for our tummy, started off with Haagen-Dazs, as a pre-birthday treat, thanks to the postcard from Haagen-Dazs stating that the birthday girl gets 30% off any purchase.
So the whole extended family tagged along and had some yummy ice-creams.
One order per person, no sharing allowed! Wow, we felt really good 'coz we could eat the whole ice-cream all by ourselves!

Shern was so happy eating my free scoop of ice-cream. haha.

Below is a rare photo of just the two of us.
Yes, being parents of 2 kids now, we rarely take couple pics. Usually are of the kids or with the kids. So below photo is a treasured photo taken by my beloved sis.
Thanks Min.
28 January 2013

Oh ya, hubby actually did planned a Surprise Birthday Party for me of my ex-schoolmates at Edo Ichi on my birthday itself. But due to his lack of planning skills, it backfired and thus, no surprise party! haha. But I love him for that even though it backfired!
So ended up only the whole family went to Edo Ichi for a feast! We ate so much that we were entitled for the member card! Woo hoo!
29 January 2013

The birthday girl *ahem* with my favourite New York Cheesecake.

Look at Shern eyeing at my cake. He couldn't wait to blow the candles! haha.
Eh, min, where's the video?

Look at our feast at Edo Ichi!
Still lovin' the salad there. Best!

No wonder I'm like so fat now. Sigh.

And then I went to Gurney Plaza at bought myself all the macarons flavours available at Valerie. Costs me RM72. Really pokai.
But my gosh, it was really delicious.
I remembered eating some of bad macarons at someone's party and it tasted so sweet, I felt diabetic.
But the ones in Valerie was super delicious. But really expensive.
I love the Earl Gray flavour the most.

This is the failed surprise party. Hubby postponed it and only 2 of them could make it. Thanks Shuey and MY. Well, it was good too. We had fun trying out almost everything Small Potato had on their Appetizer menu. :)
Nothing beats childhood school friends!

And not to forgot my crafty friends who celebrated it with me at Victoria Rossa. Their scones were good. Tea was good too, but I didn't really like the atmosphere there. Victoria Rossa was all high and mighty. We ordered clotted cream to go with our scones and the serving served was so little that we almost laughed out loud. It was like just a pinch of it, seriously.
And they only refilled our teapot once. More than that and you've gotta pay for it. First time I've heard of a place not refilling hot water for your tea. Wow, it was as if hot water is super expensive!

But Cindy and Josie made up for it. We had fun chatting and talking about everything on earth, including breastfeeding and such. Haha. It was good!

And best of all is that they gave me one of my favourite things at the moment! Washi tapes! Haha!
I'm super washi-fied!
I ordered some from them already but they gave me an extra 8 more. Eight. E I G H T washi tapes for free. So generous of them!
Ain't they beautiful?
Ok, you can get it from Cardpuccino too. Just don't buy all the nice ones. Leave some for me!

And all this sums up my birthday celebration.
Oh ya, my sis gave me a lipstick. Yes, really time to change my lipstick. The last one I had I'd been using it for more than 10 years! Eeewww....:)

Ok, now I'm counting down for my birthday next year!

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