Monday, May 30, 2011

Nga-Ngau and Yiu-Hern

Somehow, Shern calls Kong-kong and Ah-Kong "Nga-ngau".

It is not that he cannot pronounce 'K'. He can. He can say "kungfu". But somehow he just somehow cannot roll his tongue to say Kong-Kong & Ah-Kong yet. He calls everyone at home properly - Mummy, Daddy, Yee-yee, Yee-phor, Pho-pho, Ah-Ma, Kor-kor, etc.

But he calls Kong-kong and Ah-Kong "Nga-ngau". Consistently. All the time. I don't know how that word came about.

Me: Shern, say Yee-yee
Shern: Yee-yee
Me: Say Kong-kong
Shern: Nga-ngau
This video was taken a week ago, on 22 May 2011.

Heard how he called Kong-kong/Ah-Kong 'Nga-ngau'? It's so hilarious!

Shern also can't really pronounce S properly. 'Swim' becomes 'hwim', 'ssssssss'(to show him how a snake hisses) becomes 'hhhhhhh'. So naturally he cannot say his own name properly yet.

Me: Shern, say Lim
Shern: Lim
Me: Yiu
Shern: Yiu
Me: Shern
Shern: Hern

So for now he calls himself Lim Yiu-Hern! :)

Update: Shern started calling Kong-kong properly yesterday. Though not always, he did said it correctly a few times. Needless to say, Kong-kong is ecstatic!

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