Monday, May 23, 2011

Missing For A While

I'm sorry I've been missing from the blogging world for quite some time. Well, life has pretty hectic since I got back from The States. Putting aside the mountain of clothes that needed to be washed and a house which desperately needs cleaning, I still need to take care of Shern. And with my aunt being sick, I have to take care of Shern 24/7, which also means bringing him wherever I go.

Let me tell you this, being a full-time mother and housewife is not as glamorous as it sounds. Well, tell me which glamorous job needs to clean poo and has saliva soaking my top all the time?
The only thing that kept me sane was to make cards (yes, my card-making hobby is still going strong!). I make cards when Shern naps. So how many cards I make depends on how long Shern naps.

Making cards is not like baking cake. I usually bake cakes when Shern sleeps at night (midnight bakes, remember?). And I also blog at night. But nowadays I am so tired I sleep when Shern sleeps. This explains why there is no cakes not any blog posts from me. Baking cakes needs at least 1-2 hours. You can't attend to a wailing toddler and let the cake sits in the oven a little longer. You will end up with a burnt cake.

Making cards is less time-consuming. I can make a card in less than an hour. And I can stop anytime and continue from there. So this is why I make more cards than bake cakes these few weeks.

But I am definitely going to bake a cake this week. I miss baking. Hubby is out of state for a few days and I am missing him already. Taking care of Shern alone in the house is not that fun. I become his sole playmate and he goes all sticky to me til I can't breathe.

Hubby, come back faster!!!

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