Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Off We Go

Berkshire Hathaway AGM Credentials

Received these credentials early this month. Yes, hubby & I will be joining the 40,000 odd crowd at the Berkshire Hathaway AGM in Omaha this year. (those who have not heard of it, please google Warren Buffett :P)

We planned this trip almost a year in advance, securing cheaper flight tickets, cheaper hotel room rates and etc. Even making babies plan need to wait, because this comes first for now. *winks*

After the AGM weekend, we will be doing a 10-day tour in West California. So we will be gone for about 2 weeks plus. And we will be missing Shern to bits.

Am I excited? Yes, surprisingly, I am excited to see Warren Buffett in real person.
But I am dreading the 36-hour flight there all the way from Penang to Omaha. I need many, many air sick pills to last me there in one-piece.

No, I will not be bringing my laptop there. So don't miss me.
'Til then.


Kate said...

how was the AGM?

tanshuyin said...

It was great. Will blog bout it soon ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you share with me how you get the credentials as an investor living outside US? I own brk.b stock through Scottrade but I didn't manage to get the credentials while filing the online proxyvote.

tanshuyin said...

Hie Anonymous,

I think filing the online proxy vote only means you are exercising your vote to the board of management.

To get our credentials, I emailed berkshire hathaway and provided them our picture id (passports) and broker's statements, and they sent me the credentials direct to our home on the first week or april.

They are very helpful and should be able to assist you.

Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

IC, thanks for the help :)

By the way, you never receive the Annual Report through courier right?