Thursday, December 11, 2008

Updates! Updates!

Phew...time passes by so fast! In a blink of an eye, my CFP Module 1 exams is just around the corner. Sunday morning 14th Dec to be exact.
I've been super busy preparing for my exams (who believes me by the way? :P) that I don't have much time for anything else.

Suddenly, I feel like blogging. Blogging about all the updates in my life for the past few months. One by one....*drum roll* please....

2 Years Anniversary
Peter & I celebrated our 2 years of marriage (ROM) 2 days ago. We didn't actually go out for dinner. We just stayed at home to talk and hug and kiss. Nothing beats the feeling of being near your loved one.

Weddings - Carol & Chia Loon / Justin & Siow Sen
One of my best friend and also Peter's best friend's 'Picking Up the Bride' session fell on the same day 7th Dec 2008. It must be a very auspicious day.
We are so happy to see both couples tying the knot with their soulmates.

Lumut Trip with Family
8 of us spent 3 days in Lumut just for pure R&R. (Parents, Ah Yee, Min, Peter & I, Jia Li & Jia May) Weather was good and we caught many siput. Erm...correction...we did not 'catch' the siput. The waves just washed them ashore just for us! :)

Little Miracle in my Stomach
Last news to update all of you. Yours truly is now 14 weeks pregnant! :D
Didn't want to spread the news earlier because I was still in the 1st trimester and pregnancy was not stable yet.
Please don't expect to see me in pregnancy clothes or looking huge.
You can hardly know I am can hardly see the bump! :)


Anonymous said...

many many congratulations! =)
buldge jor...if twins u better get fat or u suffer =P

tanshuyin said...

confirmed NOT twins dee. haha.

Anonymous said...

ohhh so start with 1, keep ur pregnancy fat, then go for 2.....good? oh ya, ask chengteik to work triply harder too....hahaha

Anonymous said...

Aha! I was somehow expecting this news from you! Wahseh I can be psychic. lol! Congrats! OMG I'm going to be aunty again! @.@

tanshuyin said...

huey...apalah. i didnt know u dunno yet also! ;D

Shu-Min said...

me too. aunt min.. i'm old =( lol

congrats again =)

J said...

pheww... finally this news is out.. CONGRATULATIONS again dearie Shu-yin..... oh suddenly i feel old.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

WHEE!!! I'm excited for you!!! *hop hop hop* *hugggg*

tanshuyin said...

min..i ask my baby to call u young aunt ok?

peen....yeah...phew...i feel glad too

karen...thanks thanks :)

Catherine said...


lotsa hugs and kisses *muax

Anonymous said...

oh my god..congrats!!!! :D

Maxine :D

Anonymous said...

yay! the news is out! the NEWS IS OUT! :D hahaha...

You haven't been online for a while haven't you? Anyway... CONGRATS ONCE AGAINNNNNNN!!!! :D

remember to becareful. *hugssssss* :P

tanshuyin said...


Maxine...thanks. haha. shocked?

Chiaoju...yeah. exams on Sunday. now bz studying. will online more next week.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! To Both U & Peter!!!

Happy Happy Happy!!!


tanshuyin said...

peng...thanks a lot! we are happy too ;D

Shurainian said...

omg Min be small aunt, then me? "TIONG MM AH YI?"

mimiteekay said...

well, min n de rest r all young aunts! kuku-level up to another generation! waleh!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Shu-Yin dear. Good to see that you're bloging again. Can I touch your tummy ar? Pretty please...