Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's a BOY! - 14 weeks 3 days old

Dr. Eric showed us little angel's willy today. He spread his legs apart and we could see it clearly and it looks huge to me. ;0)
Then when I asked to see it for the 2nd time, little angel turned shy and crossed his legs and refused to show us anymore.

Mum said it is pretty early to know the gender as little angel is only 14 weeks 3 days old. But I guess it is easier to detect a little boy compared to a little girl as boys have willies.

Peter is so happy. He said he is gonna pass down all his cartoon DVDs (transformers, masked rider, iron man, pokemon, etc) to his son.
Dad should be happy too to have a grandson to accompany him to play pingpong many years later :D

Dr. Eric also scheduled me for a bloodtest for antenatal screening (he already instructed me to go fasting during the last checkup). The nurse at the lab is very good. Usually my blood veins are very slim and it is difficult to find it, but he did it after awhile (not long in fact!). Great job!

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