Monday, February 26, 2018

Vern Reciting 1-10 in 4 Languages & a Kiddy Cantonese Rhyme @ 2 1/2yo

Between my 3 kids, I would say Vern is the one who loves languages the most.

Just like to his brothers, we speak to him English as his main language. But then he is exposed to his yee-pho speaking Cantonese to him, and unlike his brothers, he picked up Cantonese fast.
At his current age, he can even hold a decent conversation with Yee-pho in Cantonese! :)

As I know he has a knack for languages, I just added on simple things for him to learn. 
Just like teaching him to count while we walk up the stairs in our house.

Of course I started off with English, and then I slowly taught him in Cantonese, then Malay and then Mandarin.

Below is a short clip of him reciting the numbers 1-10 in 4 Languages - English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin & in Cantonese.

And as I said he is quite good in Cantonese, he can even recite a simple Kiddy Cantonese Rhyme that Yee-pho taught him, although not perfectly. My pho-pho taught me this too when I was a little girl and so I am really pleased Yiu-Vern knows this now. :)

Sometimes really cannot tahan this little monster baby.
He is at an age where he can be really whiny and his crying is like a shouting match all by himself!
But then looking at these 2 videos, he is really cute and super lovable! #biasedmum

Ok, now to teach him 1-10 in hokkien, and to endure another 1 year for the Terrible Two to be over! :)

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