Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Khye Reading Mandarin Flash Cards @ 5 Yrs 4 Mths

It has been awhile since Khye attended the Mandarin class.
And we are so glad to see how well he has progressed, considering the whole household are "bananas" - Daddy, Mummy, Ah-Kong, Ah-Ma, Pho-pho, Yee-Pho, Yee-yee all included. lol.

He has always loves  Chinese / Mandarin, and he even took home to the Best Chinese Reader award from his kindy. 

He has also always been a really good in reading Flash Cards.
He learns to read Mandarin words through Flash Cards in his Mandarin class. And that is how he learns how to read better I guess.

He brings home cards from his class once he knows the word/meaning. So some days he will bring home a card or two. Some days five to ten cards. It all depends.

We don't practise the cards at home.
Why? Because well, I don't have the time. #lifeofmumof3kids
And I think he needs to play more at home.
And also I may teach him wrongly later. Haha.

Last week, he brought home a stack of 51 cards. His teacher told me he knows all these cards in one class. (But then some of the cards he learned before in the earlier syllabus).

And so for fun, to test him out, I took a video of him reading the Flash Cards to me this morning!

I love how he reads it then tells me the meaning in English, with actions thrown in as well! haha. So cute! Love his expressions!

And so I am really proud of how well he has been doing!
Kudos to the teachers in his Mandarin Class! Thank you very much.
It is all their effort and Khye himself!!! :)

Hope you continue to love Mandarin as you do now.

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