Sunday, November 12, 2017

Khye Taking the Best Reader Award In His Class!

6 Nov 2017 - Best Reader in English

While I was in Bangkok, hubby sent me a photo of Khye bringing home an award from school - Best Reader award!

If you can remember, he bagged the Best Reader in Chinese last year.
And so hubby went to ask, if this Best Reader award is in the English subject? The teacher told him yes, is in English.
And she mentioned that he also did very well for his Chinese, just like last year, but then each person can only take him one award and "must give people chance". Not sure if this means he bagged it too, but nevertheless we are #superproudparents! :D

Khye started reading rather fluently sometime beginning of this year, when he was about 4 1/2 years old. And since then, he has been reading most of the books his level with no problems.
He brings books home from school every week, and 90% of the time, he could read all the words in the book all by himself without help.

Reading to our kids every night before they sleep pay off.
Nowadays, Peter settles the reading bedtime routine with Khye. Either, Peter reads to him, or he reads to Khye. It depends on which books Khye chooses.

I think it is important that they kids get to choose the books they like to read, or to read to.
We, as parents, can guide, or narrow down the books. But ultimately, let the kid chooses.
Reading, after all, needs to be fun!

But, remember, each kid reads at their own pace! Just be patient!
Shern only started reading fluently at 6+yo, and  he is now a bookworm.

Congratulations Khye, we are very proud of you!
You are doing really well at 5 years old!

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Judy Pearson said...

Many congratulations to him and I am happy to see him holding the card. It seems like that he is feeling happy and proud. The award will indeed help in boosting his morale,