Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Specy Khye for 3 Mths @ 4 1/2yo

Khye Wearing Specs Temporarily @ 4 1/2 yo - 3 March 2017

Shern was having a case of eye blinking for about a week and that was when I decided to bring him for an eye checkup before I conclude that it was just his bad habit.
And also the last time he had his eyes checked was when he was 4yo.

Took him back to Eyecon Optometry and requested for Miss Ho as I had good experience with her. 
After about 1/2 hour checkup, it was concluded that there was no eye infection or so and his vision is still very good. 
But Shern had very dry eyes and it may lead to him blinking his eyes more often. She gave Shern 2 weeks to see if the blinking goes away, and if not he might need some artificial tear drops to help him. 

I brought Khye along for an eye test too, although I did not not hear any vision complaints from Khye, but just to make sure there were no lazy eye symptoms or anything.
And what a good thing I did because it turned out Khye was the one that has some problem with his vision.

As a child optometry centre, they have special child optometry tools such as below shapes to replace the usual alphabet chart we are used to.  

Miss Ho just like last time was very patient and thorough. She checked his eyes for everything, long sight, short sight, 3D vision, colour vision, and many others.
She made everything sounded like a game, asking him to be a pirate and read out shapes. It was all fun for Khye.

It turned out Khye has a problem with his long sightedness (which means he can't see near very well), and somehow affected his 3D vision as well.
He has also a slight short sightedness when he reads all the shapes as "circle circle circle" in the last few rows. 

Miss Ho suggested he wears specs full time for 3 months, and then if makes good progress, then will only need to wear during eye strenuous activities such as reading, or watching the tv.
It can be corrected since his is slight and diagnoses early, so maybe in a while he may no more need the glasses. We will see.

Khye was apparently very happy he needs to wear spectacles and was happily choosing one for himself. He wants a purple, pink or a brown one as these are his favourite colours.

In the end, he settled for this one, which is purple AND pink! :D 

For those interested to know the price/fee;
Consultation for Shern was RM43.
Consultation for Khye was waived because he did spectacles. His lenses was RM90+ and the frame depends on the one you choose. His was RM100+.
I find the prices quite reasonable.

This is Khye when daddy took him to collect his spectacles. 
I think he looks quite good in them. And the purple and pink specs suits him! ;)

I'm so thankful there are no problems of all asking Khye to wear his spectacles. He happily wears them day in and day out, except for when he is sleeping. So far so good.

These are some photos of Khye wearing his spectacles happily.

It has been more than a week now and he is still good.
I just need to teach him to take care of his specs.
Some photos of Khye with Mummy and Pho-pho.

For those who are looking for Child Optometrist, please look for Miss Ho at Eyecon in Burmah Road, Penang (same row as Tan Mark boostore, Koe Klinik, Raffe Nasi Kandar, 7-11)

Tan & Ho Child Optometry Clinic Sdn Bhd

No 269D, Jalan Burmah,
Pulau Tikus,
10350 Pulau Pinang,

Tel: +604 226 1410
Fax: +604 226 1410

Specialization:Infant / Toddler Vision Assessment, Binocular Vision Assessment, Vision Therapy for Lazy Eye, Squints etc., Visual Motor/Perceptual Skills Assessment, Myopia Control.
Practitioner: Ho Oi ChingB. Optometry (Hons), UKM

***Please take note that this post is NOT sponsored. I purchased this Eyecon Checkup Session/Spectacles with my own money. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s).

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