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An Evening At Countryside Stables Penang with Friends

Kids Riding a Pony and a Horse @ Countryside Stables Penang - 25 Feb 2017

Met up with some friends for a visit to Countryside Stables in Balik Pulau. 
We met up at 4pm and it was a good time, as the weather was cloudy and not too sunny.

Entry fee was RM5 for adult with MyKad, and RM3 for children with MyKid.
Non MyKad Holder RM10 for children (12 years and below) and RM15 for adult.

There were other chargeable activities, such as RM5 per packet of imported hay for feeding, and guided fun ride for RM17 for children, and RM20 for adult. 

We bought a pack of hay and let the kids do some feeding.
It was a bit scary for the kids to feed the big horses as there was a sign which said "Beware, the horses bite".
Some bigger horses even stomp their hooves when we walked near with the hay, asking for attention. But the stomping made my kids scared so the horse ended up with no hay as my kids refused to feed the angry horse the hay. lol

Vern was initially quite scared of the horse so he clung on to me real tight. I was babywearing him but still I could feel his legs and arms clinging on tight to my body.
This was so funny as Vern is usually the king of the house! "_"

We walked a little and also saw some miniature horses that were really cute.
The horse with the cover on its eyes was wearing an eye mask, to protect his sensitive eye area from the flies.

They ended up feeding the hay by the tray instead of using their hands because their teeth were too scary looking for them. Haha.

Khye who is very fond of animals went to give this little pony a hug. I think her name is SilverWhite or something like that. He knows her name, not me.

One of the owners, Doris gave the kids some brushes for the kids to do grooming.
The lady in blue is the lady owner Doris.

All the kids had so much fun. She also taught them not to stand directly behind the ponies/horses, but to stand in front or next to them.
Look at this lucky pony...so many kids doing grooming for him!

Shern and Khye also took a brush each and had fun doing grooming for the ponies. 

We paid for our kids to have a pony/horse guided ride. 
To ride on the miniature horses, you need to be 12kg or below. And since Khye is already about 17kg or so, he rode the medium sized pony named Sonia.
And Shern was above 20kg and so he rode the horse named Don!

I liked that they were given helmet cover, for hygiene purposes. They wore that before putting their helmet over their head!

The man in yellow is Encik Wan, which is Doris' husband, the other owner of the stable. He was very gentle with kids and he helped both my kids got up their ride. 
Here he was helping Shern getting onto his horse Don. 

Shern on his horse. 

A little short clip of Shern as he galloped away.

And then it was Khye's turn.
This was Encik Wan helping Khye now.

Khye on his pony, Sonia. 

Khye galloping away. 
This was his second ride on a pony. His first was when he was in Cape Town in Dec 2016

It was a guided ride with 2 people taking care of a kid. Very safe for a small child.
And it was the longest ride my kid ever sat. Instead of the usual one or two rounds, they got up to 5 or 6 rounds.


Encik Wan also let them stop together at the fountain for some photo taking.

And they were also so nice to help us take a family photo of all 5 of us.

After 5+ rounds and the photo taking, they took the kids and their ride to the back and had another walk for a round or two as well.
So well worth my money haha!

See how Encik Wan helped Khye down the steps? 

Khye posing with his pony ride, Sonia.

Shern posing with his horse ride, Don!

Vern finally got brave and was no more afraid of the horses and ponies and got down from my baby carrier and ran around.

We bought some ice-cream for the kids at RM2/per cone and after the snack, we left the place happy and contented.

And since we were all at this side of the island, we decided to have dinner at Khun Thai Seafood place.
Lovely place as it was by the beach. Kids had such a swinging time (literally!)

Love, love, love this photo of Khye with Lucas. So happy together!
Pic courtesy of Alex!

And we took a group photo of all of us before we left the place!
8 adults and 8 kids. 16 of us in total! 1 little girl was sleeping in the stroller. :)
Pic courtesy of Alex!

Pic courtesy of Alex!

It was a great outing! We should all do it again! :)

For those interested, below are the address. 
Anyway, we reached both places by using Waze! 

Countryside Stables Penang
Add: Lot 603 Pantai Malindo Kampong Sungai Burung (off Jalan Baru), 11000 Balik Pulau, Penang.
Opening Hours: 2pm - 7pm
Tel: 012 4080678 / 012 4871107

Khun Thai 
Address: 1052, Mukim 9, Pasir Belanda, Teluk Kumbar, 11920, Penang
Operating Hours: 11am - 11pm daily.
Tel: 04 6251155

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