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Review: Peekabox - Monthly Book Subscription Service For Children

Our Peekabox(es) - October 2016


Peekabox is a monthly book subscription service for children. Every month, the team from Peekabook thoughtfully curates a set of books specially for your child's age group.

I've always been interested in subscribing monthly subscription services for my kids, be it crafts or books. But then there aren't many subscription services for children found in Malaysia.
So when I got to know about Peekabox, I was really excited and curious to see what it would be like.


The kind people from Peekabox sent me the peekabox(es) for my two elder kids. It came in a huge brown box which was very sturdy.

Opening up the flaps of the box, it revealed 2 of the Peekabox(es) inside, properly secured with bubble wrappers at the sides and also the top.
This ensured that the boxes came were not dented and thus protecting the contents inside.

These are the 2 Peekabox(es) of ours after unboxing them. 

It came with a little label at the bottom left of the corner that reads:
"To: Shern. Happy Reading! From: Tan Shu-Yin"
"To: Khye. Hope you will like it! From: Tan Shu-Yin"

What tickled me was when Shern who already knew how to read, asked "Why is it it is written 'From Tan Shu-Yin' and not 'From Mummy?'.
Very good point actually. I guess he finds it funny to call me by name and not just the usual 'mummy'! Hehe.

Opening up the boxes, and these greeted us.
Lovely hand drawn picture and message at the cover of the boxes. Lovely indeed.  

Now, let's see Shern's package. His was a "Themed Box" designed for children aged '5-8 years old'.
The month of October was the Dinosaur theme for his age group.
Shern was really happy because coincidentally, his school is also having Things From The Past theme which they were also learning about dinosaurs.
How perfect is that?

 After removing the shredded crepe paper (which Vern loves them!), this was what we saw.
The books were wrapped in clear plastics to further protect the books from dirt and such.

In it there is an envelope with his name on it. Inside was a sheet of paper which has the names of the books and items and a short description to the book/item. 
(Sorry, I forgot to take a pic of Shern's)

These are the books and items found inside Shern's Peekabox. 

The New Adventures of the Wishing-Chair by Enid Blyton.
Well, this is one of my favourite book series when I was a little girl. 

Three Little Dinosaurs by Charles Fuge. This book is about the trio of friends who dreams about flying, at least this was what Shern told me. Haha. 
A little picture book of the Snail and the Whale. Nothing to do with Dinosaurs but the author is Julia Donaldson, which is also the author of The Gruffalo and my kids all loved that book. 


And lastly, another book from Julia Donaldson. 
Shern's face fell when he saw that he got a colouring book because he hates colouring. But then when he flipped inside the pages and saw that it was actually an activity book, he was happy again. Haha. 


Shern also liked the little items/gifts that came along with it. A little dinosaur puzzle which he wanted to build straightaway. 

And also a little "Mummy-like" thing which I don't really know what is it but he likes it. Haha.

Now it is time to see inside Khye's box.
His was a "Book-Only Box" designed for children aged 2-5 years old.

Just like Shern's, the books were wrapped in clear plastic to further protect the books from dirt and such.

In the enveloped addressed to Khye, in it is the summary of the books/items he received.
You can see that they have a little description and/or summary of each book. 

These are the books inside one of the plastic sheet.

This book is a little childish, which I think meant for younger kids in the age-group, but nevertheless Khye enjoyed reading and singing along the song which he learnt from the nursery rhymes CD in our car.

What Bear Likes Best by Alison Ritchie. Khye had fun reading what the bear likes best and he also shared some of the same things as the bear. 

Khye enjoyed this book and he learnt how to read the simple words in this book as well. The happy illustration kept him engaged in this book as he learns to read. 

This Too Many Tickles book by Thomas Taylor and Penny Dann somehow reminded me of the Ten Fingers Ten Toes book by Helen Oxenbury which my kids loved when they were young.
So this happy book was quite suitable for my happy Khye. ;)

This is another one of the book which was meant for younger kids. It is a "Touch and Feel" book where there are different textures in this hardcover book for you to touch and feel. 
I'm so lucky to have a younger baby and so this book is more meant for baby Vern! ;)

He received a Pocket Library mini books of 6. These mini books are quite portable for bringing out but alas he is not into this super power kind of stories yet. I guess I need to keep them for a while. ;)

 My kids unboxing the Peekabox(es) after dinner in the Pyjamas. hehe.

 Shern and Khye couldn't wait to see what was inside.

Khye very happily choosing which book to read first as bedtime story for the night!

 Shern too started reading straightaway!

 And baby Vern was busy messing the house with the shredded crepe paper!

And then halfway reading the books, Shern pointed out something to me.
He had found "our favourite page"!
I find this little small handwritten note to be really thoughtful and nice.

 And yes, Khye found their favourite page too. Really such a nice gesture of them.

What is lovely is that with the Adventures of Wishing Chair is Shern's first book he is reading which has more words than pictures. Hope this book sparks his interest to read more words-books! ;)

In each of the boxes, there was a name card from Peekabox which encourages us to share our experience! #peekabox #peekaboxoct #peekabook

 As you can see, the books you receive in each Peekabox is quite a many. And the authors are the well-known famous ones such as Enid Blyton and Julia Donaldson, etc.

The subscription process is really simple:

1. Just choose between Book-Only Boxes which you then get slightly more books, 
or Themed Boxes which include fun activities and educational games. 

2. Then you select the payment option.
The prices for the subscription is really very affordable too. To get so many books, you only need to pay from just RM59.90/month if you subscribe annually. 
And if you pay half-yearly it is RM69.90/month and RM79.90/month for monthly subscribtion. 

3. Then all you need to do is relax and end enjoy the books when they are being delivered straight to your doorstep. 

Thank you Peekabox for the books and lovely small gestures. And thank you for bringing Book Happiness to my kids!

To know more, please visit Peekabox: https://peekabook.com.my/peekabox/


Please visit Peekabox to subscribe. 
You can also visit their Facebook page for more info. 

* Disclosure: I received the Peekabox(es) mentioned above for review purpose, but no monetary incentive was received. All text and opinions are of my own and represents my honest opinion of the product(s).

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