Thursday, March 17, 2016

Vern Practically Lives On My Hips/Tummy 24/7

Child#1 gets like 300+ blog posts. Child#2 gets half of it at 150+ blog posts. And poor Child#3 gets less than 10 blog posts since he was born.

Some people had the nerve to make me feel guilty saying that I am not being fair to him, blah blah blah. But it was clear that she had not been in my shoes.
Well, although it is not fair to him, but life haven't been fair to me as well.

The number 1 reason I don't blog as often before is because baby Vern sticks to me like glue 24/7. When I say 24/7, I meant it. He practically lives on my hips/tummy (babywearing).
The moment he saw me walked away from his sight, he wailed the house down. And that makes showering and poo-ing a wailing affair.

I've got loads to blog about. Vern's 4 months old traditional ceremony at home, all his milestones; his first laugh, his first tooth, his first crawl and many other firsts. But they were all being updated into my FB because it is easier to post a short status update using my phone than to type a thousand words to form a blog post. (my blog posts have always been lengthy)

I miss blogging. I miss stating down the every day lives. I miss putting my thoughts into words. I miss writing reviews. But then I've got my hands full with 2 schooling kids and a sticky baby.
I'm glad hubby is around doing the ferrying of the kids most of the time but then hubby is not 'mummy' and Vern only wants 'mummy.'

It can be really exhausting having him with me ALL the time. The only time he is not with me is that I requested for hubby to to 'keep an eye him' so that I can wash the dishes, or do the laundry. And if I'm not doing those stuff, it is my responsibility to have him with me, or I am made to feel guilty. (or maybe it is just me feeling this way).

This feeling can be very overwhelming and a little suffocating.
It is not easy for me as well. I am learning as well. I am not perfect.
Sometimes, I just need a little time for myself without him sticking to me.

So today I just told hubby to give me a little time to myself every night after the older kids are asleep. I really need this to keep me sane. This and maybe a long-due holiday. *grin

So let me end this post which some photos of my sticky baby at 8mo, and tell me how can I get angry at such a face? :)

Vern at nearly 8mo @ 6 March 2016

I really hope I get to blog more often soon. 
Nites people. 

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