Friday, January 1, 2016

Conversation with Shern @ 6 years

It has been almost a year since I last shared Conversation With Shern.
These are a few of the things he said for the past year which I'd remembered to pen down. There are lots more which I'd forgotten. haha.


Shern: Is there iPad in Heaven?
Me: What do you think?
Shern: I think don't have.
Me: So do you still want to go to Heaven?
Shern: Yes.
Me: Why?
Shern: Because I can sleep on the clouds in nice!
Me: But Heaven doesn't have iPad wor.
Me: Is ok. We can play with God in Heaven, no need iPad!


While sitting in yee-yee's old Kenari.
Shern: Yee-yee, is your car feeling cold?
Yee-yee: Why?
Shern: Because your car is shivering non-stop!


I wanted to sell my old Kenari, which gives us quite a lot of problems lately.
Me: Shern, we are going to sell off mummy's car.
Shern: Ok. But you cannot sell it for a lot of money. Only can sell for less money.
Me: Why?
Shern: Because a lot of things spoiled. The lock is spoiled. And sometimes the car cannot start when daddy fetches me from school.


A few months ago, we found that Shern was very slow in his writing/homework. We tried many ways to encourage him to write faster.
Then at one of the nights where the boys were having a race with hubby, and hubby deliberately ran super slowly,
Shern: Daddy, why did you run so slow?
Hubby: To show you how slow you were when you were writing.
Shern: No lah, I write even slower than your slow running!
(haha. We expected him to protest and say 'no lah, i am not that slow', but on the other hand he admits he was much slower. haha)


Met up with hubby's friend whose name was Lee Kuan Shern.
Daddy: Shern, do you know this uncle has the same name as you?
Shern: You mean your name is also Lim Yiu-Shern?
(haha, he was not wrong you know!)


You learn a lot by watching cartoons too. These are the examples of what Shern learned through watching Nickolodeon Junior.

#1.  We were at a bbq party at a friend's rooftop. Shern saw lots of bright stars in the night sky.
Shern: Mummy, have you made constellations of the stars?
Me: Wah, where did you learn constellations from?
Shern: Erm...from Dora the Explorer.

#2. We were having lunch and Shern told me this today:
Shern: Do you know that ketchup can remove the stinky smell of a skunk?
Me: where did you learn this from?
Shern: I learned from Mrs Lee and from Paw Patrol cartoon.
(I googled and not so true, it cannot remove but it indeed can mask the smell of a stinky skunk)

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Serenely said...

Ah.... its their genuine spontaneity of these sort of remarks that crack us up so much. Can't believe he's already 6 1/2 years old. Seems like not long ago when you were writing about him as your first baby.