Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Family Portraiture 2015

(Warning: This post has more pictures than words.) 

Family Portraiture 2015 - 1 May 2015

My sis, Shu-Wen & family were back to Penang, so we decided to take some family photos.
We were quite last minute and also to save some money, we decided to DIY!

We got our neighbour to help us click on the family photo of everyone (instead of using the timer) so that she could say 'cheese' or '123' as we have 3 kids that needed that!
And the rest of the individual families, we could take it ourselves!

And thanks to her, we got very decent and nice family photos of all of us, I must say.
Thank you very much Tsu Yin.

Photos taken in my mum's apartment garden (same like what we did in 2011, and 2013).
This venue is the best. Is nearby; just downstairs, and is nice and has lotsa greens.

We then took photos of individual families and groups. 
This is the Tans. My parents with their 3 daughters.

And then the Abels; Ian, Wen and Ethan.

And one of us, the Lims. 
See the blur photo? Dunno what happened but all shots of us came out blur. :(

Luckily, we did take another one using my mobile phone.
Not as nice, because the place was full of shadows, but better than none. At least it is a complete family photo. #beggarscantbechoosers 

Then of us 3 sisters. 
Reunited again like the photos we took 2 years ago

Then of us 4 girls. Mum and us girls. 

And now 5 girls. Ah-yee joining in.

Next, photo of the grandparents and their 3 grandsons. 

And then these are 3 fathers.

The boys. 
Oh no, looks like the boys outnumbered the girls (something that never happened before in our family!)

The 3 little boys, looking all sweaty and fluttered towards the end of the photography session, thanks to hot and humid Malaysia weather. 

Let me post another one of the 3 little boys taken before the shoot when they were still in the house. 

And this one taken using my mobile when we went out for dinner later that night.

Ok, I will just end this post with below photos of my 2 cheeky boys tanning on the bench while the other family members are busy taking photos. 

Family is everything.
And I'm so glad I have a very supportive and loving family. 

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