Friday, October 3, 2008

I got a BIG FAT POSITIVE confirmation today!

Dr. Sally Ong from Koe Clinic confirmed my pregnancy. I was tested again with the pregnancy test kit and this time, it is not a faint line anymore but a very clear positive sign!

So am i happy? YES, I AM! YES, WE ARE! Somehow I am no more so worried about the lumps in my breasts. Maybe because the ultrasound report shows that they are benign lumps. Or maybe because I've gotten used to the fact that my breasts indeed have lumps. Guess I've learned to accept the fact.

So now I am grinning happily when Dr.Sally Ong said that I am very much pregnant! She even said that my hormone levels are high. Usually the hCG level is only significant a week after their period is due, but mine was already very significantly shown in the pregnancy test kit even though I am only 1 day overdue!

I am now dancing and singing with joy in my heart!

Anyway, I won't be telling anyone yet besides my family 'til the 1st trimester is over when possibility of miscarriage is lower. Sigh....

Well....i'm still dancing with joy! Tralalalalalala...!!!! :D

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